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~Should we get more guinea-pigs or a rabbit?

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BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 14:15:21

We have had our guinea pigs a few weeks now and are really enjoying them. Our children are just 7, nearly 5 and nearly 2 and I had read that gps are the best pet for them. However, we are thinking of getting a rescue rabbit too, to add a bit of variety. Would you do this, or get more gps?

CarGirl Sun 03-Aug-08 14:16:24

you shouldn't mix rabbits and guinea-pigs so def more gps

BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 14:17:44

Sorry, I didn't mean to mix them. The plan is to keep them in seperate cages and put them out in the run at different times. I've heard that doe rabbits will kill the gps and bucks will hump them shock.

peggotty Sun 03-Aug-08 14:18:55

How many gps have you got? I would get more of them tbh, they love living in big groups together! Don't get a rabbit and put it in with them, rabbits can sometimes 'bully' gps, and they don't live together naturally, so why put them together in a hutch? I would love gps!

BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 14:20:16

We have three. But I hanker after an alpaca (woolly) coated one/two.

peggotty Sun 03-Aug-08 14:29:41

They sound lovely! Guinea pigs are easier to look after than rabbits too imo - so many potential probs with rabbits teeth etc, not to mention fly strike etc. And they can be aggressive. I just don't think rabbits are all that appropriate as pets for children (can't you tell grin))

CarGirl Sun 03-Aug-08 14:32:24

I'm another one that doesn't rate rabbits as suitable pets for children, gps are more sociable and more rewarding unless you were thinking of get a giant rabbit. Also rabbits tend to live much longer.

BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 14:36:08

Are giant rabbits more gentle then?

cadelaide Sun 03-Aug-08 14:37:21

Pigs, every time.

Had no end of probs with rabbits, lovely though they are.

GPigs are a doddle, and so rewarding.

cheesesarnie Sun 03-Aug-08 14:50:20

we had 3 gps and had big problems with them.all the rabbits weve had have been much the moment we have a lion head rabbit whos a house rabbit.shes lovely!i'll put pic on my profile.

BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 14:53:08

What probs did you have cheesesarnie?

cheesesarnie Sun 03-Aug-08 14:57:46

they all got poorly and all 3 died within a few days of each othersad.the vet said they could have had something from where we got them and it wasnt noticable for months.but i suppose thats put me off!and i found them no easier to care for than rabbits.

pic is on profile now.

BananaSkin Sun 03-Aug-08 15:25:27

He is a lovely rabbit cheesesarnie (& children too grin). Very unusual looking (the rabbit, that is!).

cheesesarnie Sun 03-Aug-08 15:51:49

lol yes my children are very unusual looking.
candy(the rabbit) is a year old now,that photo was taken when she was a few months old.shes not quite so fluffy(still looks like powder puff) and has grey bits in the white.shes so friendly and loves playing with the children.she eats like a pig and is just an easy pet!

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