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Bringing new kitten home advise needed

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loubevens Mon 28-Jul-08 10:03:25

Hi All,

I am bringing our new kitten home on thursday, but i have a question.

I think the safest place to leave the kitten during the day whilst we are at work is the kitten with everything away and so he has the cool tiled floor, but then i want to move him to the bedroom at night so he is not on his own? do you think thus will creat confusion for him?

Also is there anyways i can keep him coold in the heat, i am going to put ice in his water and leave a teddy with him plus i will be goign home every lunch time, and he has an automatied feeder with for feeds in for the day.

0h also we live in an apartment and i am worried abotu having the windows open but then it will be so hot !

Any other ideas or saftey tips greatly welcomed.


Alambil Mon 28-Jul-08 10:15:45

Don't leave windows open - get a grate to go over the gap; I've nearly lost my kitten 4 times now cos she fancied a galivant out of the window!

I'd leave him in the kitchen all the time whilst he settles; did that with mine even at night and she's fine - I don't have her in the bedrooms though at all, so that's why I did it.

loubevens Mon 28-Jul-08 13:20:49

Hi what sort of grate ? where would i find these?

Alambil Mon 28-Jul-08 22:50:16

could make one yourself from chicken wire if you're inventive! I plan on doing that soon - must get round to it really!

ColdSpaghetti Tue 05-Aug-08 13:51:16

Interesting to read about cats not going in bedrooms, I brought our new kitten home on Friday and he hasn't been upstairs yet. I have been wondering if it would be OK to keep him as a downstairs cat (he will be going outside when neutered).

He has the run of the connecting kitchen and dining room when we are out and at night-time. It is working fine. The first night he cried for about 5 mins when we went upstairs then hopped into his bed and went to sleep!

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