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Ugh! Disgusting cat

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Amanda3266 Mon 07-Feb-05 19:16:39

My DP (Dear Persian) has just ahem... crapped (sorry for chav expression) in her litter tray and got some stuck on her bum . She has just proceeded to drag the offending bum around the dining room leaving a brown trail!!!!!Ugh!

Have to go and clear up now. May kick her up the bum if I can catch her. (only kidding)

NameChangingMancMidlander Mon 07-Feb-05 19:17:35

Eww, this is why I like outdoor trained short haired cats

magnolia1 Tue 08-Feb-05 12:42:17

Lol.... I know I shouldn't laugh but Whiskey (12 year old black cat) is worse I promise!! He got shut in our bedroom yeterday and poo'd all over Hubbys dressing gown

misdee Tue 08-Feb-05 12:44:05

shave the cats bum!!

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