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Dog owners - I want to talk about recall!!!

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Thisismynewname Mon 21-Jul-08 09:06:05

Just wondered really, those of you with dogs who let them off lead in public, did you train your dog in recall, or did you just let it off and hope for the best??

I'm curious really, because where I live most dogs seem to be let off the lead (even where they byelaws prohibit this hmm) and it seems there are only a small minority of owners who can actually recall their dog effectively.

The majority just stand around flapping and calling the dogs name while the dog does whatever it wants.

So, I just wondered what the MN experience of this was - did you train your dog in recall, or just let it off and hope it learned that way?

Alambil Mon 21-Jul-08 10:07:17

train it on lead first, when that's fail-safe, let it off. If the dog doesn't come back repeatedly, put it on a training line and start again - but with the 12ft freedom of the line so it can get some running about too. IME lol.

Thisismynewname Mon 21-Jul-08 10:08:24

Oh I know how to train recall thanks Lewisfan, I've done it with mine, lol! I'm just wondering if other people actually bother!

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Jul-08 10:12:14

Trouble is it's difficult learning recall while on the lead.

We did lots of practice in the garden first, then started taking him out when no one around, no exciting distractions, then practiced recall between DH and I, with lots of fuss and treats. He loved it. Gradually we started doing it with other dogs around and then people and then children. He's absolutely fine and will come back mid-run when heading for the most exciting thing.

I think the trouble is lots of people don't actually know how to train it effectively. The whole continually calling dog's name while flapping is just teaching it to ignore. Call once or twice, then run in opposite direction and make huge fuss when dog eventually arrives. Lots of people are also cross when dog eventually arrives very late - that's teaching them there's no point coming back.

Doodle2U Mon 21-Jul-08 10:12:15

My dog is recalled trained. I want him back to my heel first time, every time, for his safety as well as others. I use a command and it's backed up with a dog whistle for when he is far away/lots of noise etc.

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Jul-08 10:13:53

Rofl at 'let it off and hope for the best' grin

I was far too panicky that I'd lose him to do that tbh.

Threadwworm Mon 21-Jul-08 10:14:55

Yes! Trained. At home and at obedience class. (Don't suppose many of the non-training owners will own up here.)

Thisismynewname Mon 21-Jul-08 10:16:19

Me too flowery. The number of dog owners I've spoken to have told me they just did that though is quite frightening. It's good to see there are people on here who took the time to bother to do it properly - I am sick to death of being pestered by dogs that aren't recall trained.

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Jul-08 10:18:34

I was absolutely paranoid first time we took him out that he'd immediately run off and we wouldn't be able to get him back.

As it happened he's a wuss and stayed very close anyway, as well as having practised lots in the garden as it is.

I know what you mean though, it's very annoying.

Threadwworm Mon 21-Jul-08 10:19:45

It's a big problem for the non-doggy people who don't want to be pestered, and it's also a problem for owners of prickly dogs. My dog doesn't always like other dogs that he meets, and can be a bit of a hoodie with them, so I call him to me. It's v annoying when the other dog then justs bounds up and pesters my dog -- risking getting a bite.

brimfull Mon 21-Jul-08 10:20:49

I did training with mine, with whistle and food at classes and at home.I loved the whole training process .
Don't get people who don't train their dogs properly..they must be a nightmare to live with.the dogs that is

Thisismynewname Mon 21-Jul-08 10:21:48

Same here threadwworm - my dog is prickly with other dogs too, a staff came running up to us on it's own the other day and I walked away from it. It's (topless, male) owner finally appeared around a corner with the old "don't worry, he's friendly" line. I replied that my dog isn't friendly so perhaps he should keep him under better control.

windygalestoday Mon 21-Jul-08 10:25:56

We never trained Buddy to recall we just didnt let him off his lead until we knew hed come back - he broke 2 of those extension leads sadhes very good though and always comes back when called sometimes you dont even have to call him just shout bourbon biscuit lol.

deste Mon 01-Sep-08 18:28:07

My son got in a dog whisperer for his two Beagles. On was partly trained the youngest just looked at you. Both dogs pulled when taken for a walk and one still does. This weekend the 10 month old walked beside them for the first time,(success). They used the long lead on it. The second 2 years old would never be seen again if they let her off the lead but she is good at other things. They are now well behaved in the house and have stopped barking and fighting with each other.

WorzselMummage Mon 01-Sep-08 20:29:21

I think the trick is to let pups off the lead on their first ever walk at 12 weeks they will still be in the needing to be near you stage and will be used to it. We did this with all of our dogs and then did the recall with treats every now and then and have never had a problem.

On of the dogs i had as a child had a really bad recall, we got him out of it by waiting till his attenting had gone from us completly and then hiding behind a tree or in long grass, eventually he'd notice we wernt there, panic and come and find us, he soon realised we couodnt be trusted to stay where he he's left us and that solved that.

SubRosa Mon 01-Sep-08 22:12:16

It depends on the dog though. The rescue dog (terrier) we have is fine now, but she had been a stray for quite a while and needed a lot of training. She's good most of the time, unless she sees a cat

rubyloopy Tue 02-Sep-08 09:26:00

Message withdrawn

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