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I need to rehome my 2 yr old Jack Russell can anyone help?

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muppetgirl Mon 21-Jul-08 07:56:33

He's lovely but we had ds 2 last year and he doesn't get the attention he needs.
He's great with older kids (ds 1 is 4 and he's fine with him) loves to be with people. Great on walks (ie he comes back when called!) but hates to be shut away in a room away from you and wees and chews when he is. We have had to shut him in the study when ds 1 plays outside (our garden is very small so the kids all play on the grass out the front) as the front door is open and also when ds has friends to play (they are all scared stiff of dogs) so he hears the children having a fun old time without him.

We are looking for;

A family with older children
A retired couple
Someone who works outdoors
A farm/people with a large garden/land

He is;

A 2 yr old Tri-coloured, rough coat, Jack Russell (Stanley)
Male -been castrated
Micro chipped
Had all his injections
A fun playful little dog!
He gets on well with ther dogs -we also have a black lab (10)

He is fine with us until we can find him a better suited home but if anyone knows of anyone who is looking for a companion...

singyswife Thu 24-Jul-08 22:42:00

Good Im glad you changed your mind./

ScummyMummy Thu 24-Jul-08 22:54:14

Good luck with Stanley, muppet.

I'm stunned at the hard time you got at the beginning of the thread and utterly utterly utterly stunned that mum2oandh has a dog in her house that gave her baby a bite needing 16 stitches. That's just bizarre, imo.

whispywhisp Fri 25-Jul-08 07:38:04

muppet...think you've hit the nail on the head, iykwim...'but ds's friend wouldn't leave him alone' have got to learn to leave dogs alone. I have to be really firm with my kids mates when they come to play cos not all dogs want to be bothered by kids and if they don't leave Millie alone I will shut the kids in one part of the house and let Millie have the run of the kitchen, for example. It's not her fault the kids won't let her be.

It's great you've decided to keep Stan. Well done you for not only making that decision but for trying everything and working hard to make life easier for all of you. xxxx

whispywhisp Fri 25-Jul-08 07:38:46

...and what a gorgeous boy he is! xx

Pixel Fri 25-Jul-08 21:02:30

I was just going to post to say I have a friend who is looking for a Jack Russell or similar (she has fallen in love with my mum's smile) as we are in the south, same as you I think?

Anyway, I see you've now changed your mind which I'm sure is right as you obviously love Stanley very much. smile

sazzerbear Mon 28-Jul-08 15:27:54

We got our Jack Russell two weeks before I found out I was expecting, in hindsight having a dog then a baby was is not something I would repeat, however for all his odd little ways, I love the little furry freak! Although I worried at first, he is great with ds (14mo) and part of the family. Yes it is difficult giving everyone the same attention but you just have to do your best. We have stairgates at the bottom of the stairs in the lounge as well as into the kitchen so can easily separate him as he too gets over-enthusiastic with guests!
I also found having to walk him every day really helps, especially when ds was a baby, it made me get out of the house and get some fresh air! Muppetgirl, have you tried dog classes? Ours goes to agility every two weeks and loves it. There are some cheaper kennel club classes around as well, may be nice to have some time on your own with him? Good luck - Stanley is worth it!!

Rockypoo Tue 25-Dec-18 12:27:25

Hi my mums looking for a jack russell were are you if you still have the dog

Bamaluz Tue 25-Dec-18 16:08:09

This thread is from 2008


KateGrey Fri 28-Dec-18 18:22:32

I saw that this was ten years ago. I wonder how things worked out in the end.

subspace Mon 31-Dec-18 18:05:11

Damn, read the whole thread without realising it was a ghost 😒

Cat1962 Sun 15-Sep-19 18:14:44

Hi you still got jack Russell for rehome if so am interesting to have him pls reply bk Cathy

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