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Puppy thread number 2

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Titania Sat 05-Feb-05 08:30:27

Hello everyone!! How are the other little darlings doing then?

Molly is settling a lot better now. As long as we go to bed at 10.30 at the earliest and get up to let her out at 6.30 at the lastest she will stay dry and poo free at night. (oops...was up late this morning!!! EEK!!)

The floor stays relatively clean now as she is starting to let me know when she needs to go out now.

She is very very lively and loves pouncing the kids which I am trying to curb!!

If we walk through the park and I loose her off the lead she won't run off!!! I'm sure that will change soon though!!!

She does seem prone to upset tummys though, which we are a bit worried about.

Demolished so far:
2 towels
Her blanket
My bra
5 socks
scratched the wooden stair gate to bits
the corner of the throw on my sofa
lots of DS2s plastic building blocks and stacking cups!

Titania Sat 05-Feb-05 10:13:54

PHEW....just bathed Molly.....she was dirtier than I thought! Mind you I was late getting up to her this morning She is nice and clean and laying on her nice clean bed now! Won't last for long I daresay! Like in the next hour when she needs to go out for a wee! Its raining outside! EEK!

misdee Sat 05-Feb-05 10:23:39

well the dog is barking at the kids everytime they go past the kitche. its driving me nuts.

Titania Sat 05-Feb-05 16:41:02

oh dear. do you shout at her or ignore her?

munnzieb Sat 05-Feb-05 17:13:27

a tap on the window works for my two if they're misbehavin outside!

misdee Sat 05-Feb-05 17:23:02

i tell her to stop, tell her to go to her bed and shut the door.

magnolia1 Sat 05-Feb-05 19:55:31

Well Jesse is now nearly 4 months onld and some days I think she is getting better until she poos just after I have let her back in from the garden This only happens occasionally now though and she only pees rarely now thank god!!
She has eaten the corner of the kitchen wall, lots of Katies toys, the Cats bowl!!, a few pencils and a carrier bag. She also tried to eat my knickers
She does rufuse to come back though when we are on walks and she sees another dog. Trying to tackle it but it's hard!
And she digs holes
But right now she is at my feet with a bone and behaving herself quite nicely

Ok I have gone on enough, can't you tell I don't have any doogy people to talk to

Mechelle x

magnolia1 Sat 05-Feb-05 19:56:30

Flippin eck!! Sorry for all the spelling mistakes it's the end of a long day!!

fostermum Sun 06-Feb-05 08:55:50

why can my doobie hold all his little gifts(yuk)while im out,but as soon as i go to bed its toilet city unless i get up at some ungodly time and let him out like 4am!!!he goes out after midnight when hubby comes to bed,have stopped his fluid intake mid afternoon and feed him at 6am and about 3pm, he has two long walks aday but still he wont be clean and dry at night

munnzieb Sun 06-Feb-05 09:41:57

lol, there only thing I can say Mag, is it does get better!, mine destroyed half the skirting and three carpets in the process not to mention a single bed, but after nearly two year, and pretty much £40 a month and god knows how much on new beds, they're finally settleing down, and only chew if left in the main house alone for a long period of time, I find a big bone keeps them entertained whilst we're out thou.

and the seeing other dogs at the park thing, well ours again did the same, what I did, (i'm assumin she know's her name??) is shout their name crouch down and have a little treat in your hand, (our have the value ham normally about a slice each as we're walkin around or cocktil sausge shopped into small bits again normally one little one each) any how when she comes back, give her the treat, walk a bit further an do it again soon she'll relise u have nice treats to give her and will come back. how far ahead does she run?

munnzieb Sun 06-Feb-05 09:43:12

FM - try takin his water bowl off of him about 6/7pm and don't give it back to him until his morning feed. (again worked with ours only took a few weeks as well)

magnolia1 Sun 06-Feb-05 11:11:48

Well it depends where the other dogs are! The problem I have is that when the owner of the other dog walks off with their dog Jesse goes with them I have tried having treats but she takes no notice
I am now considering taking her out on a long piece of rope (she has broken 2 extendable leads!!)

misdee Sun 06-Feb-05 11:14:51

i dont like extendable leads. i use a very chunky strong lead, and its short.

munnzieb Sun 06-Feb-05 12:16:05

lol, yes, ok I get u know, have u tried turning around calling her name and walking off? (sometime's works with ours! they're scared we're gonna leave them.) does she come back to you in the house?

piffle Sun 06-Feb-05 12:19:46

bibi got into the koi fish food last week and ate about 3 kgs of it, the next morning I thought DH was going to evict her permanently from life.
It stunk and was everywhere like shit had hit a fan, it spread miles and dh was retching.
Since then she has been pretty good, and we let her out for wee and poo at 10-11 and she is clean and dry until we get her, 7 ish or maybe 8 at w/e BUT when she sees us she sprays wee everywhere which negates the entire being dry thru the night thing.
but she is contained in a crate when not outside as we are still trying to establish whether dd is allergic or not, but she does come out a bit and is very good.
she sits and stays and won't eat the cat food... stll tries to eat the cat though

munnzieb Sun 06-Feb-05 12:22:40

OMG pip, Koi are dead expensive, i'm not surprised ur DH went mad! on the plus thou at least she know's how to swim now!

magnolia1 Sun 06-Feb-05 12:44:29

Jesse does come back in the house, Its only when there are other dogs. She just wants tp play but sometimes the other dogs don't and I'm worried one day she will get really told off!!

piffle Sat 12-Feb-05 21:58:48

sad news, dd has tested positive for dog allergy, radically she has outgrown her egg allergy and is no longer showing as allergic...
would far it more the other way round,
devastated beyond words, of course we advertised her and everybody bloody wants her.
Am off to sob now...

misdee Sat 12-Feb-05 22:00:12

my dog goes tomorrow. i cant cope with her. my parents are now taking her and my dad says he'll get her under control, and we can hopefully have her back in a month or 2 when her behaviour is better, and dh will hopefully be feeling better and stronger as well.

misdee Sat 12-Feb-05 22:01:24

piffle what dog is it you have?

i got rid of my cat when dd1 started reacting to him, and i missded him terribly for ages. in a way its good i got rid of him, as dd1 allergy got worse, and now dd2 is also proving to be allergic to cats.

piffle Sun 13-Feb-05 13:56:33

she is a rhodesian ridgeback a couple from scotland are driving down to pick her up this week....
they seem lovely and she will be happy but am still totally upset...

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