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The puppy's paw has now been in it's metal frame and pins structure for 3 weeks

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saltire Thu 10-Jul-08 09:16:43

And TBH he is driving us potty. he is restricted to one room - a small cupboard with a stairgate over it. He lies for so long then starts whining to get out. he jumps up and puts his paws ont eh gate, which he's not supposed to do -jump up while he has the frame on. he has now started scratching at the wall with his paw which is broken, and the blue bandage is starting to come away, although the pins and frame are still firmly in place. He still mananges to rip off the sock coverings and I am surprised that the frame hasn't moved.
We are supposed to take him back to the vets on teh 23rd July, which is 4 weeks after the operation, however we go away on the 17th until the 27th. Has anyoen ever had a pet with a broken leg/paw? is it likely tohave healed sooner? We are leaving him at my mums and I think she will find it hard to deal with him, as she will have to keep trying to get him into his dog crate as she has no small room for him. He walks fine on it, he isn't supposed to run, but whne he tires to he carries the paw. There is no discharge or swelling at all

Firstly, please phone the vet and tell them this stuff. If they know you are struggling they will provide you with some advice and support. They can't help if you haven't told them! You also need to make arrangements to have him checked out either before or after your holiday.

It sounds like he's (unsurprisingly) bored and would benefit from some mental stimulation - have a look for Kong toys, or similar, to keep him occupied.

Please please call the vet - all too often things like this go wrong because people don't stay in touch with the srugery. I am sure the vet who performed the surgery or a nurse will be able to give you some helpful advice. If the frame moves there's potential for lots of complications so don't put it off.

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