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Would anybody in the south like to rehome my 2 female guinea pigs?

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Marne Sat 14-Jun-08 21:18:31

Im looking for a home for my 2 guinea pigs (polly and Linny), they are almost a year old. Sadly my new puppy has destroyed their run and is now trying to get at them, i think it would be best for them if they could find a nice home without a puppy like ours. We are in Dorset and they are free to good home grin

bluefox Sun 15-Jun-08 19:22:36

Would it not be easier to re-home the puppy? After all Polly and Linny were there first!

SubRosa Sun 15-Jun-08 20:48:22

Would you be prepared to train your puppy? When we got our (approx 4 yr old) rescue dog, she was constantly trying to get at our guinea pigs. It took a few weeks to train her, but she's ok with them now.

SubRosa Sun 15-Jun-08 20:50:19

PS That doesn't mean I completely trust her, as generally dogs and small furry animals don't mix.

Marne Thu 19-Jun-08 16:55:51

She does'nt want to eat them as such, she just jumps on top of the run (which has broken it), i dont know what she would do if she got to them. I do tell her to get down and she does listen but when i'm out she has access to the garden and i dont trust her not to get on top of the run. Can't get rid of puppy as it took me a long time to save up and buy her.

Anyway its not just the dog, i feel a bit sorry for them as they don't get handled as much as they should.

Snowbell Mon 04-Aug-08 22:23:55


We are thinking about getting guinea pigs for DD, aged 6. Where are you in the south?

Alambil Tue 05-Aug-08 13:22:01

empty washing up bottle full of water. Press, hard.

Jet of water right between the eyes with a loud "NO!"

Repeat. Sorted grin

Seriously - you can train it to behave around small animals.

My sister's hamster used to ride on the back of my mum's Retreiver. The rabbit used to share it's bed... it is possible.

Alambil Tue 05-Aug-08 13:23:39

Or old cigar tin - made of tin, put half a dozen nuts and bolts in, tape up with insulation tape. Lob at dog (not to hit her - to just miss) with a loud "NO!". The noise will suprise her and make her stop if you do it every time. You'll get to the stage where you only pick the tin up and rattle it - it'll be enough!

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