Cat's eyes look crossed & inner lid covering almost half of eye - worried

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dirtmonkey Thu 12-Jun-08 14:05:01

My cat (5 years old) all of a sudden looks cross-eyed. The inner lids which are normally tucked away in the inner corners of his eyes are covering almost half of each eye. His pupils are very small, even when it is not bright, and certainly much smaller than his brother's pupils.

Does anyone know what this could be? Am I being very silly or should I take him to the vet?

LynetteScavo Thu 12-Jun-08 14:07:04

I've no idea what's wrong - but I take him to the vet. Is he OK in himself?

dirtmonkey Thu 12-Jun-08 14:13:18

He does seem a bit more clingy than normal. They are both big soppy boys who will follow me around like sheep but he is definitely looking for more attention than normal.

Think you are right, am not being silly, will go to vet.

stealthsquiggle Thu 12-Jun-08 14:16:09

inner lids being visible is (I have been told) a sure sign of them being unwell. Take him to the vet, definitely.

dirtmonkey Thu 12-Jun-08 14:17:23

Thank you both. Funny, I knew a parenting forum would be just the place to ask about the cats. I do love MN.

fiodyl Thu 12-Jun-08 14:35:18

Visible 3rd eyelid on a cat is a sign of illness. Like a temperature or runny nose in a human.

Could be anything from a cold or hayfever to something more serious. Take him to the vet to be sure.

emiliadaniel Thu 12-Jun-08 16:44:26

If it is both eyes and he is otherwise OK, it is probably a viral infection called torovirus. This virus only has two symptoms - third eyelid protrusion and diarrhoea - and they don't always have both of them. It is a good idea to get him checked over but if it is torovirus he will recover without specific treatment.

dirtmonkey Fri 13-Jun-08 13:52:02

Took Archie to see the vet this morning. It is conjunctivitus (sp?) and torn 3rd eylids from being such a little scrapper! He gave him a thorough check and declared him otherwise horribly fit and healthy.

stealthsquiggle Fri 13-Jun-08 13:55:51

Does he have eyedrops, then? Good luck with those, if so. I hope you gave him the stern 'serves you right for fighting' talk grin

dirtmonkey Mon 16-Jun-08 13:30:33

Stealthsquiggle grin absolutely, wagging finger, stern voice, the whole thing. Poor cat then got it parroted back at him by DD (2.5). Much better now although still not took keen on me as "evil woman with eye drops".

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