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JRT with a phantom pregnancy....

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whispywhisp Wed 11-Jun-08 12:53:49

My JRT x is just over a year old. She had her first attempt at a season 3 months ago. I say 'attempt' because she had all the classic symptons apart from bleeding. The vet confirmed she was in season but called it a silent season.

Now, just as she's due to go in for her spay, she's swelled up again only this time its only a couple of teats which are huge. She's been nesting too - ie hiding all her toys etc.

She went to the vets on Monday and they prescribed some medicine to go on her food, to be given daily, to bring her out of the pregnancy. We're on day three with the meds and yes her teats are slowly, very slowly, going down.

I give up! Anyone else experience these sort of problems with their dog?

Tiggiwinkle Wed 11-Jun-08 12:59:42

Our GSD has a false preganancy after every season-always has done. I hate it because she gets very grumpy and snappy with our other two dogs (an elderly mongrel and a 1 year old JRT cross.) She tends to squash herself into small spaces to sleep when she is in this mode!
Our JRT has only recently had her first season-she was about 13 months which is quite late I think.

whispywhisp Wed 11-Jun-08 13:54:55

Hi Tigg. Does your GSD's teats swell up quite a lot? I've just checked my JRT's and they've actually started to go down and are far more squishy than the solid lumps there were earlier this week.

Thinking about it she was quite grumpy a couple of weeks ago and fussy with her food but now she's fine. I didn't think for a minute it was because she was starting a phantom pregnancy...I thought it was just her being her normal self!

sullysmum Thu 12-Jun-08 18:11:15

One of my chihuahuas has phantom pregnancies after every season and another has silent seasons.

IAteRosemaryConleyForBreakfast Thu 12-Jun-08 22:11:23

Spaying her will stop this problem permanently. I imagine your vets will go ahead with this as soon as her milk has gone. It's a pain in the backside and some bitches can become quite aggressive and possessive over toys. Won't be a problem for long in your case

whispywhisp Thu 12-Jun-08 22:23:57

Well she's been on the medication now for four days. I checked her teats earlier on today and they are going down, slowly. They don't seem so rock hard as they were and they're about half the size they were. I spoke to the vet on the phone this afternoon and she's told me to leave her teats well alone until Monday because my touching them causes them to self-stimulate blush and won't help the situation! That's all well and good but she likes a tummy rub!

She's not been aggressive at all but has been quite possessive over her toys and has been hiding them in the garden, along with any chews or bits of food she may find!

The vet won't spay her until her teats have gone completely back to normal because apart from the fact she think she's pregnant they also make their incision in between where she's currently swollen up. So it looks like the planned date for the spay of next week will have to be postponed and knowing our luck she'll come into another season again!

gremlin69 Fri 11-Jul-08 21:27:46

Hi, I think our springer is having a phantom pregnancy- not sure tho'- her 1st season was in early May, slowly she's gone off her food and I noticed the other day two of her teats were swelling. She's pretty normal in herself and by giving her rice mixed with some tinned food, very often, she's picked up on her eating. Did any of your bitches go off their food?

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