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I'm worried about a lump on my dogs testicles (beautiful girls???)

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lucyellensmum Sat 19-Apr-08 18:46:49

My 1 yo JRT has had lumps on his testicles for a while, they are sort of where they should be to be the epididimus?? My physiology is rusty, but i mean the bit that joins the testes to the vas deferens, i might be confused about this, but anyway, i know they should have a bit there and thought that was what it was - i have been a bit concerned for a while that they seemed big but its bilateral so figured they are normal, i seem to remember my bigger dogs having these (and DP does (cos i had a crafty feel blush but not as big) Bit now i have found a scab on one of these and im worried sick, its the weekend arrrggghhh. I used to work in a vets and my friend is a vet but i can't find my bloody phone charger and her number is on my phone.

I lost a dog to cancer last year (hence us now having the JRT) I couldnt bear it to lose another one - i wasn't intending on having him castrated but i think he will be there legs akimbo on Monday morning!!

Beautiful girls, if you get this, should i be worried??

guineamango Sat 19-Apr-08 20:05:51

I would get him checked by a vet as soon as you can just for peace of mind. But in the mean time I wouldn't worry too much, if the "lumps" are the same on both testes. Some dogs get scabs from either licking too much or rubbing on the floor!! Always a good idea to castrate, prevents testicular tumours and prostate cancers in later life.

lucyellensmum Sat 19-Apr-08 20:24:05

just spoken to my friend and she said this is normal - phew (i sort of knew it was but i was just a bit worried). I probably will get him castrated, leave it a few more months as i want him to fill out a bit first.

beautifulgirls Sun 20-Apr-08 21:20:54

Sorry have only just seen this. Wouldn't be panicking, but if there is a scab on there worth getting it looked as as they sometimes get some nasty scrotal skin infections that are better caught early for treatment. I suspect the lumpiness you are feeling is as you think normal anatomy of the epididymis.

CountryGirl2007 Sun 20-Apr-08 22:16:49

You should take him to the vet anyway to get him checked out and get him neutered ASAP. May I ask why you don't get your dogs neutered?

lucyellensmum Mon 21-Apr-08 17:05:23

thanks BG - i spoke to a vet friend of mine who said the same thing, and has persuaded me (well almost) to have him castrated.

I wasn't planning on having him "done" as didnt view it as necessary and veterinary opinion on this seems to change with the weather - but will prophylatically.

CountryGirl2007 Thu 24-Apr-08 15:07:59

It's a simple fact that neutering is better for the dog. It's a cheap, simple & extremely low risk operation and the benefits are great.

Moore1 Thu 20-Dec-18 14:17:37

My 7 month old French bulldog has a reddish purpley lump on one of his testicles any idea what this could be

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