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Any vets around? Question about PREDNICARE 5mg

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RGPargy Wed 05-Mar-08 14:25:26


Some advice needed here please!

I'm having real trouble taking my cat back to the vets after she was prescribed Prednicare (i have no transport). Would i be a bad person to just buy the meds on the internet??


beautifulgirls Wed 05-Mar-08 20:10:27

It's illegal to do that without a prescription. Anyone who supplies it without asking for one is also breaking the law, and you can not be sure that the medicine you are getting is genuine. Prednicare is a steroid and so your vet should really keep a reasonably close eye on your cat too as long term steroid use can cause a variety of side effects, some potentially very serious if not picked up on and supported with other medications or the steroids carefully withdrawn under supervision.

For the sake of your cat I strongly recommend you contact the vets. You may be able to get a prescription posted out to you to then order from the internet, and the vets can tell you when they need to see her for re-checks to ensure the meds are suitable and to comply with the law regarding them being allowed to supply prescriptions too.

RGPargy Wed 05-Mar-08 21:35:39

Thanx for that. The vet will not post out the meds to me - i have already asked. They are insistent on me bringing the cat in (at a cost of course!) to check her over. When i told them i have no transport, they suggested i get a taxi! Not very practical really as it would cost £££ more than we can afford right now, plus i'm not sure a cab would take a cat in a box, a baby in a car seat AND me!

I really need to get the meds ASAP tho as the cat has run out and is wheezing again.

beautifulgirls Wed 05-Mar-08 23:23:12

A lot will depend on how stable the vet thinks the cat is on or off meds, and when they last saw her. Legally they have to see the pet every so often to continue to prescribe for her as part of their duty of care - same as a doctor will need to see you every so often for ongoing medications.

Most vets will not post tablets, but there is nothing to stop them posting a written prescription if they do not need to see the cat at a particular time, though you will probably be charged the postage of course! Can you get to your vet in the evening perhaps when maybe someone else is available to mind the baby for you, or at the weekend? If so maybe they will at least supply you with a few tablets to keep you going until you can get her in. We are usually pretty accommodating of that sort of situation provided an appointment is made where a check up is needed.

RGPargy Thu 06-Mar-08 09:12:42

Oh i totally understand re the check up every so often thing. I did ask for a saturday appointment but they just said that the afternoons were only available for emergencies. However I think i might be able to get her to the vets either today or tomorrow. DP has gone away and has left me with the van so i'll have to get DS (17) to sit on the floor in the back of the van with the cat box. Not sure i trust him to babysit just yet, although that would be much much easier!

RGPargy Fri 07-Mar-08 13:05:17

Got an appointment this afternoon. DS is sitting in the back with the cat lol.

Zedsam Tue 05-Mar-19 11:05:36

My cat is prescribed Prednicare 5 mg . 30 tablets cost £2. 80 p . I'm now told the same amount cost over £30 ! I cannot afford that , and am considering having cat put to sleep . What on earth is going on ? Apparently this is a nation wide problem , so I fear a lot of animals will now suffer . The drug is unavailable online too . If anyone has any info , I would be interested .

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 08-Mar-19 11:31:21

Just like in human medicine there are massively supply problems with lots of meds currently. There have been several sales of the large companies to other companies and then it came to light that whilst for sale they had improved their figures by putting no investment into manufacturer.
Consequently where the drugs are available the prices have increase. For example a very commonly used anaesthetic is in short supply and a bottle used to be £25 and it is now £125.
As a human two of my routine drugs that I need to just to be able to function are having similar supply issues.

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