How do you fit your dod, baby and pushchair into your car?

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frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 10:46:00

We are expecting our first baby in July and am beginning to consider the logistics of travelling with the dog and the baby and I am a bit bamboozled by it all.

We have a lovely gentle friendly whippet who usually travels on the back seat. My first thought was to put him in the boot (car is a mid size hatchback) but then i thought 'where would the pushchair etc go'? Not sure about leaving him on the back seat as he might upset the baby with sniffing/ licking and he is a bit too big to travel on the front seat comfortably.

Please help, I would love to hear how you deal with this

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frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 10:47:21

Obviously that should say dog not dod in the title

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RustyBear Sun 24-Feb-08 10:49:01

Would something like this keep the dog far enough away from the baby to stop the sniffing/licking?

moljam Sun 24-Feb-08 10:49:08

id put dog in boot with dog guard.he may be lovely gentle and friendly but you dont know what he'lll be like with your baby yet.and buggy could go on back seat laying down.

Threadworm Sun 24-Feb-08 10:49:53

Aww, and I was going to suggest leaving Ken Dod behind.

Would the folded pushchair fit on the floor of the back seat?

Logistics with dog and baby can be a pain, but I'm sure it's worth it. Lovely for your baby to grow up with a dog.

Wouldn't leave baby and dog together on back seat. Even if dog is usually fine, you will be nervous about it.

moljam Sun 24-Feb-08 10:50:00

actually how bigs your buggy?if not too big couldnt you stick it in a buggy bag and put in bootwith dog?would theyre be enough room?

sophiewd Sun 24-Feb-08 10:50:52

Our dog just travels on back seat with DD when we are all in car or squeezes in on front seat when me/DH are on own with DD, he is a large pointer, our problem will be in June when No 2 makes an appearance


frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 10:56:47

OOh thanks for your swift responses

Lol at Ken Dod threadworm grin

We have a harness a bit like that already but as others have said even though he is a super dog he is still a dog and you never know how they are going to react so am not comfortable with him on back seat.

Am also slightly worried about having a folded pushchair floating free around the car, think it could be dangerous. Or am i being over cautious?

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frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 10:59:01

Moljam, we don't actually have the buggy yet so i don't know about boot size etc. I really ought to start getting organised.........

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moljam Sun 24-Feb-08 11:00:15

does that mean we get to help you buggy shopping?grin

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sun 24-Feb-08 11:02:20

I think a seat harness is a good idea anyway, you don't want your whippet hitting the back of your head if you do an emergency stop.

Do any of your rear seats fold flat? Then you could put dog in back and pushchair on the flat seats.

At one point, I had 3 DCs in Stage 2 car seats in a row on back seat, a Great Dane and a double pushchair in the boot. It was rather full up! grin

frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 11:03:15

Yes please!!!!

Am thinking of getting an out'n'about nipper any opinions?grin

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frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 11:04:34

Goodness Duchess is your car the Tardis?!

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RustyBear Sun 24-Feb-08 11:11:02

Does your car have tie-down hooks in the boot? If so, how about one of these in the boot to secure the buggy & put the dog in there too with a dog guard.
If the buggy does get loose in an accident, better for it to be in with the dog than the baby...

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sun 24-Feb-08 11:12:12

I wish it was the Tardis, then I'd be able to fit DC4 in! Though at least the double buggy days are over. (Those things are vast)!!

BroccoliSpears Sun 24-Feb-08 11:13:10

Dog and pushchair in boot. Child on back seat.

You can use a bungee cord to fix your pushchair in place in the boot.

frogmarsh Sun 24-Feb-08 11:19:15

Thanks Rusty bear i will go and check the car boot for hooks, that looks really useful.

Course that means i will have to get dressed and get out of bed <lazyemoticon>.

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SlartyBartFast Sun 24-Feb-08 11:28:31

my dog went on front seat! grin
she barked in the back.
could you whippet fit at the footwell of the front seat?

MuffinMclay Sun 24-Feb-08 20:24:35

Dog and pushchair in boot. Rubber mat on floor of the boot stops the pushchair falling over, or you can jam it against the sides at an angle.

You might find that the dog won't want to travel on the back seat with the baby anyway. My dog wasn't used to going in the boot of the car (preferred footwells), but when faced with sharing a seat with ds1 opted for the boot instead.

RedJools Sun 24-Feb-08 22:26:17

WE have 2 toddlers, a baby, a double buggy and 2 beagles in our car every day!! We got a dogbag for the boot- best invention ever!! keeps dirty dogs and hair seperate, pram slips in beside, 3 kids in car seats in back seat! Don't have a link- try googling dogbag- its a kind of tent thing that velcros to the floor- fab fab fab!

frogmarsh Mon 25-Feb-08 08:34:39

Thanks everyone, i am greatly reassured about family travel now.

Redjools that tent thing looks perfect -am of to measure the boot right now!

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