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My Kitten has run off, will she come back?

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StudentMadwife Sun 17-Feb-08 21:37:39

She has been missing since friday evening, she slipped out accidently- it was her first time out. she is not nuetured or microchipped, she only had her vaccinations last week, we were in processs of sorting pet insurance and then we were planning on getting her chipped and done in the next wk or two. the toms have been out for the last week calling for her and the kitten downstairs but they seem to have stopped now.
i keep sending her mum out to she if shell find her and bring her back but the mum doesnt go far and comes back.
ive put out food and water and one of her toys and one each of me and dps socksshock- i read that she might be able to smell our "scent" and i thought it might be worth a try. i keep going out and calling her and shaking he treat box but nothing.

is this normal behaviour for a cat in season? will she come back?

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 17-Feb-08 21:41:56

How old is she?

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 17-Feb-08 21:42:27

But generally, yes, cats in season are desperate to get outside.

StudentMadwife Sun 17-Feb-08 21:43:46

8-10 months not exactly sure.

StudentMadwife Sun 17-Feb-08 21:44:30

but do they come back? and how long will she be gone for?

redadmiral Sun 17-Feb-08 21:44:43

If she was on heat she will probably come back after a day or two, fingers crossed. Think you can get her spayed after the fact.

redadmiral Sun 17-Feb-08 21:45:18

Looking very bedreaggled

redadmiral Sun 17-Feb-08 21:45:47

bedraggled even...

LazyLinePainterJane Sun 17-Feb-08 21:51:20

I would say that at that age, she stands as good a chance of coming back an any other cat. She is old enough to know where you live and find her way back. If she is in heat you may not see her for a few days.......get ready for kittens! grin

DualCycloneCod Sun 17-Feb-08 21:53:23

any news

StudentMadwife Sun 17-Feb-08 21:58:05

not yet

DualCycloneCod Sun 17-Feb-08 21:58:40

it sso cooooooooooooold

StudentMadwife Sun 17-Feb-08 22:01:02

can cats get hyperthermia?

DualCycloneCod Sun 17-Feb-08 22:16:55


beautifulgirls Mon 18-Feb-08 20:39:14

yes but you probably meant hypothermia?! She'll probably find some shelter and be just fine though.

redadmiral Tue 19-Feb-08 12:34:01

Is she back yet?

StudentMadwife Tue 19-Feb-08 21:03:31

Finally! after i got back home after picking up ds's at 6pm i went and called again out the back and i heard meowing so i kept calling and she appeared!
I didnt think i would feel this way about a cat, but im so relieved shes back!

redadmiral Tue 19-Feb-08 22:34:16


You may want to think about having her spayed if you don't want kittens. The other reason is that I believe they shouldn't really have kittens under one year old as it can cause calcium depletion in the mother. Might be worth asking your vet. If she anything like my cats she's almost certainly pregnant.

StudentMadwife Wed 24-Sep-08 00:53:15

Just deleting old threads im watching list and came across this-thought id add- she had SIX kittens! they all went to lovely new homes apart from 1 we kept, she has now been chipped and spayed!
she lost alot of weight after the kittens and had to go on a special vetenary recovery diet, but is now back to full healthgrin

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