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If sibling rabbits mate will the babies be physically OK??

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KittyLetteItSnow Fri 07-Dec-07 11:48:54

Apears there is a chance my baby bunnies could've mated.

Have to take her to the vets in 3 weeks to check.

If she is pregnant will te babies be OK?

Will the vet just let the pregnancy continue?

Thanks x

FlamingTomato Fri 07-Dec-07 11:51:21

If they're both healthy it will be fine - rodents and rabbits aren't like people in that respect.

GeekgirlRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 07-Dec-07 11:54:12

you could have her spayed even if she is already pregnant. What would you do with lots of rabbits????

MissusHoHoHo Fri 07-Dec-07 11:59:17

This happened to us - our supposed 2 female bunnys got busy and had babies. All the kittens were fine

GeekgirlRoastingOnAnOpenFire Fri 07-Dec-07 12:19:27

they had kittens? shock


KittyLetteItSnow Fri 07-Dec-07 12:19:49

She might not be - shes 0nly 13 weeks.

Id uhh keep them then rehome them!

MissusHoHoHo Fri 07-Dec-07 13:13:13

LOL grin

<mrs looks like she knows what she's talking about emoticon>

ahundredtimes Fri 07-Dec-07 13:24:49

Can they have babies that young? With their brother? And everything be alright? [head spins]

<whispers> don't they eat their babies sometimes? Or do something weird with them?

lucykate Fri 07-Dec-07 13:28:26

when i was younger we had a brother and sister rabbit that mated, babies were fine BUT (and you might not want to read the next bit)

a couple of hours after they were born, the boy rabbit started trying to eat them. i think he got to at least one before anyone realised and removed him from the hutch.

ahundredtimes Fri 07-Dec-07 13:29:46

[jumps up and down]

See! I knew something like that happened. There was a Tales of the Unexpected in which something like that happened, I saw it as a child, has stayed with me.

Why do they do that then?

lucykate Fri 07-Dec-07 14:10:50

don't know, maybe it tells them to in the rabbit version of the contented baby book wink

FlamingTomato Fri 07-Dec-07 14:41:03

They eat their babies sometimes anyway. They will do it if they feel threatened, or if they 'feel' something is not right with them - Rodents do it too.

If you think about it, they breed so quickly and easily that biologically, it's a waste of energy trying to raise babies if they aren't perfect, or if they might be endangered before they get to breeding age.

We, with our 'once every 2 or three years' natural set up, may find this a bit odd - but hell, they are odd. They eat their own poo, too.

Bocohohoho Fri 07-Dec-07 14:43:16

Russell Brand did a stand up thing about this happening with his hamsters - they mated with siblings and then ate the babies. It's Against Nature innit

<<wild eyed expression to camera as skies darken>>

KittyLetteItSnow Fri 07-Dec-07 19:57:56


well he wont eat her babies as Im seprating them.

Bloody pain in the arse insestual horny rabbits.

Maidamess Fri 07-Dec-07 20:00:57

Don't talk to me about rabbits. Ours has in the last 2 days:

Jumped into the toilet and nearly drowned

Unravelled a whole loo roll form the holder

Gone on a wondrous journey upstairs while I was at work. Am expecting to find treats underfoot at any moment.

Fubsyinapeartree Sat 08-Dec-07 17:26:48

Well, if the come out with two heads or their intestines on the outside, youll know they were already a bit too closely related, wont you?

<<distant twang of banjoes>>

Seriously though, i had three gerbils, brothers from the same litter, and one of those had babies. They were fine.

They came from the biology dept at school, it was the biology teacher who told us they were all boys.

Oh how my Mum laughed.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 08-Dec-07 17:36:29

I dont think you really have a choice with rabbits and they are not fussy! LOL
They will be fine.

Stormythunder2019 Mon 30-Sep-19 00:47:13

Baby bunnies are called kittens

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