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Getting dd a bunny - what are the basic bits of equipment we need?

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huffpuff Tue 20-Nov-07 21:01:36


Ecmo Tue 20-Nov-07 21:14:49

a run. some bunnies dig some dont. If you get a digger then youll have to put the run on paving and supply it with hay to eat or get a run with wire on the bottom to stop them digging big holes...and they do dig VERY big holes!)
water bottle
they quite like plastic tunnels or a ball to play with
Hay & woodshavings for bedding
rabbit food. Get the complete pellets this gives them a better diet as they eat everything the other food they just pick out the bits they like and leave the rest we get the supreme science food.
OH and boy rabbits are generally more friendly than girls

huffpuff Tue 20-Nov-07 21:17:56


Alambil Tue 20-Nov-07 21:31:35

Pets at Home do a starter kit I believe, then you add toys and the animal. They give great advice too but I think Ecmo covered it all.

Don't forget hutch cleaner/disinfectant and fly-spray to keep them away (sisters rabbit died of flystrike - very distressing for bunny and human)

MerlinsBeard Tue 20-Nov-07 21:36:49

are you keeping it indoor or outdoor?

basics stay the same ie somewhere to sleep, something to eat from and drink from but other needs differ

ChubbyScotsBurd Tue 20-Nov-07 21:37:04

Not much to add but make sure there's access to hay 24/7 (they need to graze) and don't go mad feeding lettuce, broccoli ends/cabbage/carrot are nice treats instead.

CountryGirl2007 Thu 25-Jun-09 21:42:14

Firstly you need to get 2 rabbits. they are social animals and it is cruel to keep one on it's own. ideally a male and a female (both neutering obviously)

You need a hutch, if is to be kept outside. Ideally the hutch should be inside a larger house such as the garage or a garden shed to keep the rabbit safe from foxes and also for extra comfort in the winter.

The rabbits need access to a run, as large as possible, preferably on grass. you can always cover this with some plywood in the winter to keep if from getting too muddy.

bedding is straw and/or hay.

special rabbit feed mixed with fresh fruit and veg twice a day. (fruit and veg such as apples, lettuce, brocolli (raw) and carrots are good choices)

constant access to fresh water via a water bottle attached to the side of the run. (to be changed twice daily at feeding time)

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