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why is my cat suddenly so damm hungry all the time? not worms.....

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smeeinit Tue 30-Oct-07 14:00:13

the past month my 2 year old female cat is hungry all teh time,shes constantly whineing to be fed,i fed her 3 times before 11oclock today and shes eaten the lot.shock
we worm her regularly and she speyed so def not pregers!
anyone else have a cat like this??

MaryAnnSingletomb Tue 30-Oct-07 14:02:26

no cxat, but maybe the cold weather is affecting her ?

superwitch Tue 30-Oct-07 14:04:49

Take her to the vet it could be a thyroid problem - is she loosing weight?

PeachyFleshCrawlingWithBugs Tue 30-Oct-07 14:06:14

be careful- over eating like this needs a vet appointemnt (ours was doing it before the bladder stones that killed him)

a vet checkup should confirm all is OK and its just the cold

DoctorFrankenSquonk Tue 30-Oct-07 14:06:46

take her to the vet if you're worried, but fwiw, my cat always ate loads at this time of year - stocking up for the winter

And every year in spring time I worried that she'd lost her appetite.

She was 14 when she died.

smeeinit Tue 30-Oct-07 14:07:23

shes normal weight and the cold weather hasnt affecting her before,although thats not to say it couldnt be that.
she has been hunting alot recently too which suggests thats im not giving her enough (5 pouches a day???!!!) im going to worm her again tonight,(2nd time this month but vet assures me itll do no harm.)and hope that it helps hmm

Yorkshirepudding Tue 30-Oct-07 14:11:00

Message withdrawn

smeeinit Tue 30-Oct-07 14:12:29

hehe! yep yorkshire,she certainly could just be a greedy mare! grin

LazyLinePainterJane Tue 30-Oct-07 14:14:22

Well my cat is a right skinny moggy and never finishes her food, turns her nose up at fish and today I caught her eating the dog food. I think it is the winter!

Fennel Tue 30-Oct-07 14:16:22

My cat is like this. She's 15 and until a year ago was always fairly lazy and rounded and liked her food. This past year she's got thin and always hungry (and we do worm her so I don't think it's that).

I thought it might be because we'd moved to a village next to a wild churchyard and she likes going out more. She's been hunting a bit more since we moved. But I do wonder if it's cancer or something.

Yorkshirepudding Tue 30-Oct-07 14:17:17

Message withdrawn

smeeinit Tue 30-Oct-07 14:18:55

thanks people, i did pop into vets earlier to have a chat and get some worming tabs,she says worm her and give it a week if she still munching her way through mountains of pouches then take her in!

SpawnChorus Tue 30-Oct-07 14:19:44

Do you see her eat it? Is there any chance another cat could be sneaking in and scoffing her grub?

I have two cats, and one of them is a greedy guts.

EmsMum Tue 30-Oct-07 14:20:30

Maybe someone else has been giving her food and they've stopped doing it!

smeeinit Tue 30-Oct-07 14:20:47

yes i do see her eat it,its def her!!

beautifulgirls Tue 30-Oct-07 17:49:36

Fennel - your cat needs to see a vet and get a thyroid, diabetes and kidney check done as a minimum. Cancer would be relatively low on the list or reasons with a good appetite but weight loss happening, though not impossible. Thyroid disease sounds most likely and that is usually pretty responsive to treatment.

Smeeinit - unlikely to be anything too worrying in such a young cat but best to get a check over if the reworming does not acheive anything.

Fennel Tue 30-Oct-07 19:10:49

Beautifulgirls, thanks, you are probably right, I should book her into the vet.

beautifulgirls Wed 31-Oct-07 16:33:15

Let us know how both cats are getting on smile

manuka Wed 31-Oct-07 17:59:06

My dog was like that. Turned out she had liver cancer. If your cat's liver is not working properly it will feel starving hungry all the time cos won't be getting nutrients from food.
Hope its not anything so serious though. Perhaps she's up the duff?!

Fennel Thu 01-Nov-07 09:27:26

Mine can't be pregnant, she's 15 and was neutered as a young thing.

Am going to take her to the vet. might try one more set of worming tablets first though I'm fairly sure it's not that. But partly so the vet can eliminate that idea.

beautifulgirls Thu 01-Nov-07 10:40:24

Good luck Fennel. I think there is every chance your vet will be able to help your cat.

Fennel Thu 15-Nov-07 10:22:19

A quick update, it is apparently thyroid deficiency with our old hungry cat. not cancer or anything worse.

beautifulgirls Thu 15-Nov-07 17:31:27

Great news - I suspect you mean over-active thyroid but anyway that is splitting hairs blush! Has the vet given her some tablets now?

Fennel Thu 15-Nov-07 20:13:47

Yes that's what I mean. Sorry for the inaccuracy. She's got some tablets waiting at the vet's for us to pick up.

The poor thing seems absolutely desperate for food lately, however much we feed her. I've stopped thinking she's just greedy though and started being sympathetic.

beautifulgirls Fri 16-Nov-07 10:32:42

You will probably find that once the tablets start to do their job she will stop eating half as much. For now it does her no harm to get the extra. She'll put on weight and probably chill out a bit in personality too.

Let us know how she is getting on. I am so pleased that she is getting sorted and there is nothing worrying for you there grin

Now how to give her tablets......Have fun!wink

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