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Do hamsters really like going in hamster balls?

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StrawberryMartini Sat 27-Oct-07 20:28:08

Hamish has just had his second go in his and pooed and wee'd (sp?) and looked slightly stressed. He had a good runabout but it seemed like he was trying to run out of it poor thing!

Do they get used to them? How do you tell if they are happy in them?

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southeastastra Sat 27-Oct-07 20:29:35

ours always looked desperate to escape in it. it kept him fit though so he had to suffer to be healthy grin

UnionJack Sat 27-Oct-07 20:29:45

I think I would poo and wee if I was forced to hare about in a giant perspex ball. Was he smiling while he was running?hmm

UnionJack Sat 27-Oct-07 20:30:13

Great name for a hamster btw

RustyBear Sat 27-Oct-07 20:30:36

Well, one of mine just used to sit & chew the carpet through the ventilation holes, so I guessed he didn't like it much!

peggotty Sat 27-Oct-07 20:32:04

They look like the hamster equivalent of a torture chamber to me!! Saying that I did used to put my hamsters in them when I was a child. My nephews' hamster is said to 'love' his and scrambles to get into it hmm. Probably better to try and hamster-proof a room or area of a room and let him roam free!!

MrsLynetteScavo Sat 27-Oct-07 20:33:31

Indeed, how do you tell if a hamster is happy? I'm pretty sure they don't like it when they crash into the wall. Maybe Hamish felt so relaxed & at home in his ball, that he was able to poop? hmm

goingfor3 Sat 27-Oct-07 20:37:22

I think my hamster likes it. We open the door on the side of his cage and hold the opening of the ball against it and he leaps into itsmile.

DarthVader Sat 27-Oct-07 20:44:09

I think they are more about entertaining the humans really!

StrawberryMartini Sat 27-Oct-07 20:46:44

Yes it's slightly amusing when he bumps into the wall and staggers slightly. smile

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MrsLynetteScavo Sat 27-Oct-07 20:52:47

StrawberyyMartini, are you the type of person who puts a hamster on top of a warm stroage heater, to watch it dance? hmm

StrawberryMartini Sat 27-Oct-07 20:53:57


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themildmanneredaxemurderer Sat 27-Oct-07 20:54:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dd666 Sat 27-Oct-07 20:55:29

my hamster loveed his ball, died in it too was only young sad

lomondgore Sat 27-Oct-07 20:55:32

I think our hamster likes his, he crawls into it on his own and has a good run around. You can tell when he has had enough as he just sits still.

StrawberryMartini Sat 27-Oct-07 20:56:25

Ooh thanks for that. It didn't say that in my 'How to Care for Your Hamster' book (it said they were a good idea) but he looked so pooped (literally) that I may just let him use his wheel in the cage.

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StrawberryMartini Sat 27-Oct-07 20:57:13

That was for axemurderer.

dd666 why did he die? sad

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dd666 Sat 27-Oct-07 21:01:32

dont have a clue my he'd only just been put in he was left to run until he sat still one day he was stil picked up ball to pop him back in the cage and he fell over he was dead. he wasnt even a year old sad

themildmanneredaxemurderer Sat 27-Oct-07 21:02:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vampirebatzooki Sun 28-Oct-07 15:04:27

Slight thread hijack - but has anyone tried one of these hamster 'toilets' that are available - and did it actually get used??


lomondgore Sun 28-Oct-07 15:18:16

I have seen them but don't have one. Archie (our hamster grin ) tends to go in one corner of his cage anyway.

NAB3 Sun 28-Oct-07 15:18:17

I use one to put the hamsters in somewhere safe while I clean out their cages. If they aren't recommended, can anyone rec something else I could use?

lomondgore Sun 28-Oct-07 15:32:51

My local pet shop has small pet carriers a bit like the ones you get for cats only they smaller. I suppose it would do while you cleaned the cage out though I would still go for the ball as my hamster likes it.

NAB3 Sun 28-Oct-07 15:37:43

My new hamster is very energetic and goes really fast on his wheel in his cage but I am wondering now whether the balls are cruel. The baby hamsters go in together and The other one on his own.

LittleB Mon 29-Oct-07 09:45:09

Ours used to use a ball and seemed to like it but we'd only put him in for a few minutes at a time. You can use a jam jar as a hamster toilet, just put a bit of the dirty bedding in it and pop it in the cage and the hammie should soon get the hang of using it, never heard of a hamster toilet but jam jars work just fine!

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