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please help me set up my tropical biorb before i electricute myself!!

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mustsleep Thu 04-Oct-07 19:05:33

just got a biorb tody off ebay

it's ace and have just set it all up but am a little worried

it came with a heating rod and the suction strip thing to attach it to the side ogf the tank

ok fair enough right?

in the instructions for the biorb all it says bout position is that it shouldn't touch the side of the tank ok
and shows a pic of it fully submerged

in the instrcutions for the heating rod it shows the rod in the tank at the bottom on it's side with a cross next to it in the tank just eant against the side with a cross and then attched to the tank with the suction cups and the turning dial at the top out of the water

i currently have it fully submerged could anyone offer any advice the make on the heating rod is aqua one (don;t know if this is anything to do with biorb or not but it came new in the box with the bowl)

sorry it's so long but am too young to die

ManxMum Fri 05-Oct-07 10:34:11

I remember submerging my tank heater fully.

Not touching sides means don't allow heater to come in direst contact with glassd because of thermal shock risk, hence the suction cups.

Dial at top allows for easier fine tuning on the heat.

PS what are the bio orbs like?

mustsleep Fri 05-Oct-07 11:58:13

thanks i went on the aqua one website last night and it does say that they are fully submergable - which put my mind at reat lol grin

whats thermal shock doesnt sound good

the biorb is cool - it looks great and it comes with everything apart from plants and fish - and it's a lot quieter than my old tank and only takes up two plug sockets!!

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