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NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Sun 23-Sep-07 10:00:32

beautifulgirls - Can I just say a HUGE thank you for the advice you gave me re my kitten and pancreatic insufficiency. I took him for a follow up appt on Fri and we saw the snr partner at the vets practice. He said exactly the same as you re PI, dietary issues, prescription diets and he even prescribed Kaogel (I hadn't mentioned it to him at all). He was very apologetic about the "unnecessarily panicky tentative diagnosis of PI". TBH, he looked quite cross when I told him what happened during my last consultation. Anyway, Oscar has been on i/d for 2 days now and he seems a million times better judging by his 'products' (ahem). Thanks again

beautifulgirls Sun 23-Sep-07 12:23:28

You are very welcome - glad you have a vet there you have faith in too. Ask to see him in the future if you can - though I probably don't need to tell you that!

Also great news to hear that the kitten is doing well now on the i/d diet too.

NDPIsProbablyGoingToHell Sun 23-Sep-07 13:15:06


Our 9yr old cat was hit by a car last May and the snr partner was the one who operated on him (pins in his legs) and did all of his follow up care, we were very pleased with him. I will def be asking for him in the future.

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