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iliketosleep Mon 17-Sep-07 21:27:48

Ok where would i stand with this?? heres the link

and i apologise for my potty mouth hmm so bloody angry!!!

beautifulgirls Mon 17-Sep-07 22:24:31

SO - let me get this right - she took both of them but has given them back?

They are your cats!I would get them microchipped immediately if they are not already (about £20 each ish at a vets) so that you can prove beyond doubt in the future that they are yours. Make sure if you can you use a vet they have seen previously so she can not turn around and claim you "stole" them and then got them chipped to try and make it look like they were yours. Your vet will have clinical records proving you have taken cats matching their description there before the date of the chips being done. They are easy to do - just make an appointment for it. If they haven't been to a vet then just find one tomorrow and get it done anyway. At least you probably have friends who can verify them as yours, and also wherever you got them perhaps too if you need them to.

What to do next - Hmm, hard one. If she has given them back then the police are not going to do a whole lot and neither will the RSPCA. However if you do report her to them then they will have your story on file and IF there is a dispute in the future they would be more likely to follow up on it. I think only you can decide from meeting this woman if you feel she is going to try this on again or not. She may be a nut job (probably is) and have been scared enough not to do it again, or she may be so stupid she will try it on again. Definately don't let the one that is feeding and fostering the babies out until they are weaned, just in case she tries to "cat"nap it again.

If however she has not given one or both of them back then call the police and call the RSPCA. There are the lives of several kittens at risk here from this and you have made her aware of that and she is being cruel to keep them separated.

Good luck - I can see why you are fuming. I would be spitting blood too!

iliketosleep Mon 17-Sep-07 23:01:31

oh £20 is that all? i thought it was around 90 blush i wish i had known sooner!!

Unfortunatly she doesnt want to know her kittens but shes home and she knows it, she is on her usual night time spot of dd1s bed grin

Foster mom goes out to stretch her legs and then shes straight back in, and if you dont let her in immediatly? she howls lol she must think shes a dog hmm

kitsandbits Mon 17-Sep-07 23:10:31

A crazy cat lady took my cat a few years ago, he had been missing 2 weeks and we knocked on with fliers and i saw him amongst 20+other cats and said hes mine, she said he wasn't.

We left, and a few mins later she mustve panicked and let him out and he fled back to ours - but theres a main road and he ran to get to our house and got run over

she had taken his collaroff, but she posted it through the letter box a few days later.

so she did have him, still makes me that she didnt just pass him to me and I couldve taken him home safe

Has she given them back????

kitsandbits Mon 17-Sep-07 23:10:49

oh shes home, thats good

iliketosleep Tue 18-Sep-07 00:21:18

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