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cheeryface Mon 10-Sep-07 22:23:01

are they good pets?

beautifulgirls Tue 11-Sep-07 09:08:40

Depends what you are looking for in a pet really. Choice of sizes and colours, need regular trimming of the fur which most people use a dog groomer for so costs you - but you could learn to do yourself. Good for people who are allergic to dogs though as these dont shed so minimal chances of allergic issues. Most have good temperaments and personalities but there is always the exception to the rule too and occasionally get a snappy one - more often the smaller ones but not exclusively. Do suffer from teeth problems so make sure you get vet advice early on about tooth care and get it insured to cover other veterinary bills through life.
Hope that helps

cheeryface Tue 11-Sep-07 18:42:06


lottie91 Sat 22-Sep-07 22:30:25

We breed if theres anything in particular you need to know..just ask..

rosealbie Sat 22-Sep-07 22:33:46

My pil have three standard poodles. All nice temperaments, seem to be great with my dc.

They have always had poodles as my dh was and still is allergic to fur and they don't shed.

chocaholic73 Mon 24-Sep-07 20:00:18

Interested to see this thread - we are hoping to add a poodle to our family before too long. Where are you based lottie?

lottie91 Mon 24-Sep-07 20:37:08


chocaholic73 Tue 25-Sep-07 17:43:59

so how often do you breed lottie ..sorry being nosy here ....which sizes/colours?

lottie91 Tue 25-Sep-07 19:13:57

We generally tend to have about 3 litters of litters a year. We normally have toys, but occasionally minatures.
what is it your looking for?

they're all generally blacks and browns

chocaholic73 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:15:15

we want a standard ...would possibly be interested in an older pup you have any contacts? ...we're in Hertfordshire but would be willing to travel for the right dog but not further than would be fair on the dog iyswim!

lottie91 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:15:58

My mum has a friend who has standards, ill speak to my mum in a minute and get her number if youd like?

chocaholic73 Tue 25-Sep-07 20:21:17

that would be brill ...thanks a lot smile

lottie91 Wed 26-Sep-07 10:04:19

sorry only just come on here! Mums guna fnd her number and ill give it to you when im on this afternoon! sorry ahout the wait!

chocaholic73 Wed 26-Sep-07 21:16:29

no worries!

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