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cat constantly licking bottom.

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joopie Sat 08-Sep-07 19:56:00

my cat is constantly licking his bottom, my research suggests anal gland blockage(UUUUUURRRRGH). before i take him to the vet for him to empty them(no way im going to lose my hand trying to squeeze his bum glands)has anyone elses cat had a bottom licking obsession, and what caused it??

blousy Sat 08-Sep-07 20:06:02

Not my cat, but my dog! It ended up really sore and infected, so get him to the vet asap! Wish I had.. Might have saved some money!

haychee Sat 08-Sep-07 20:07:15

My dog gets this, costs £5 to be drined by the vet and takes 5minutes.Dont stress, make an appt with vet, will be sorted in no time. Might need to keep taking kitty back every few months as i do with dog1. Smell kinda skunky/musky rancid awful pungent nasty.

Radley Sat 08-Sep-07 20:08:19

Have you wormed him recently? I have 3 moggies aged, 13, 3 and 8 months and I've never experienced anything like this.

Hope your moggy is better soon.

Sekator Sat 08-Sep-07 20:13:57

I'd say glands. The vet just squeezes the gunk out.
With worms they do that bottom shuffle thing that leaves trails of cat-crap on your carpet.
Cats are such elegant pets.

joopie Sun 09-Sep-07 09:27:38

thanks everyone, i thought it might be glands. i think i'll wait in the waiting when vet empties them, if i catch a whiff i'll hurl all over the floor, table, vet, nurse.

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