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Raw Beef Chunks for Dogs - what's in them??

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Quootiepie Wed 05-Sep-07 14:16:39

DH bought our dog some raw beef chunks from the petshop and I have taken some out to defrost and they are so so disgusting. Some look like they have small white teeth like things all over them - what on earth are they?

southeastastra Wed 05-Sep-07 14:41:02

sounds yum

oggsfrog Wed 05-Sep-07 14:46:54

Is it just freezer burn?

SixKindsofCrisis Wed 05-Sep-07 14:48:33

Are they the cyst thingies that worms leave in the meat?
I stick to ultra sterilised dry dog food

winestein Wed 05-Sep-07 14:49:33

Uhm, probably bits of teeth grin

If they are raw beef chunks, why not just pop to Morrisons who are selling braising steak for £3 a kilo, chunk that up and freeze it. I bet you that would be way cheaper. Plus, raw beef "chunks" is most definitely mechanically removed and reconstituted into chunk shapes - just got he real deal!

I get it for my dog to have his tablets in by the way!

winestein Wed 05-Sep-07 14:50:24

that was supposed to say "just go the real deal!"

Quootiepie Wed 05-Sep-07 15:37:36

yeah, I think I may just buy 'normal' meat in future, this stuff is so so gross.

Nbg Wed 05-Sep-07 15:39:45

Its just the shit and bits thats left over at the aboitoirs (sp).

Watched a very gruesome but interesting programme on them once.

You can almost g'tee that they will have eyes, ears, feet and possibly stuff from the dead animals stomach.

oggsfrog Wed 05-Sep-07 20:35:08

I'm sure dogs aren't at all fussy about eyes, ears, feet and possibly stuff from the dead animals stomach tbh.

My dog often eats dead mice that the cat has left for me, and she's never once filleted it and left all the eyes, ears, feet etc on one side wink

After all these are animals whose idea of perfume is to roll themselves in mink shit grin

winestein Wed 05-Sep-07 21:17:11

ROFL oggsfrogs grin That really made me wheeze laughing. My dog recently also met up with an "old friend" of his from about 6 years ago and I was reminiscing with her owner about the time they were having a fight over a decomposing rat grin

I do object to these companies packaging up mink-smelling decomposing rat for about £40 a kilo though and selling it to people who think they have bought something lovely for their dog.

It's all these cynical pet companies that get right up my nose though - selling "dog" chocolates containing all of the therobromine - and I was even "told" by a pet shop assistant when buying a kong not to put peanut butter in it, as it was poisonous to dogs and would I like to buy "petshit" brand squeezy peanut butter in a small tube with the poisonous to dogs substance removed for, oh, say £10?

Still PMSL at mink shit perfume grin

winestein Wed 05-Sep-07 21:18:04

I really wish I could edit that post so it made sense.

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