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Frontline& Drontal, or advocate/stronghold what to do?

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LittleB Mon 03-Sep-07 09:26:05

I've got 6 mth old pup and he's had variations on the above, the vet nurse seemed quite confused about what does what when I asked her so I thought I'd come on here for advice. With my previous dog we just used to give her frontline and drontal every 3 mths which stopped her getting fleas (cats sometimes come into our garden and would rather pay for frontline and prevent infestation than get fleas) My pup has been wormed monthly until now but I understand I can leave longer gaps now he's older (although he does have a tendancy to eat sheep poo!) He's just had a dose of Frontline and Drontal but I'm just trying to think what would be the best treatment for the longterm or is it best to vary things?

flowerybeanbag Mon 03-Sep-07 09:30:59

Drontal makes my dog vomit everywhere, so he has the Pedigree Chum chewable wormer tablets instead, which he seems to like and do the trick.

Roskva Mon 03-Sep-07 09:33:10

I give my dog a wormer (can't remember what it's called) every 3 months, and frontline every 6 weeks over the summer and less frequently in the winter. He can't have drontal because it makes him itch - he licked all the fur off one paw the last time he had it. It might be a good idea to ask your vet what s/he recommends the next time you take your pup for his vaccinations. A friend of mine alternates frontline and spot-on on her cats, because she reckons frontline becomes less effective after a time, but I haven't noticed that, and because my dog is sensitive to some things, I prefer to stick to what I know won't cause him problems.

MuffinMclay Mon 03-Sep-07 09:35:19

Drontal is the only one that doesn't make my springer vomit.grin

I've always gone for 3 monthly doses, rather than 6 monthly, because my dog eats poo and any other unpleasant itemss he finds out and about.

LittleB Mon 03-Sep-07 09:58:49

Thanks, he's fine with the Drontal, I didn't know it could make dogs sick. I will ask the vet next time I'm in but he's not due for his booster until March and wondered what to do until then. I was told that the advocate/stronghold spot ons also do fleas and ticks aswell as worms, but I think they don't do tapeworms which Drontal does, but I thought they did something that Drontal doesn't although I could be worng, are there any vets (beautifulgirls?) or vet nurses who can advise me?

lucyellensmum Mon 03-Sep-07 10:13:12

LittleB am shock that the VN couldnt advise you.

I used to be a vn im a bit rusty. But here goes. Stronghold does do fleas and worms, although i dont think it covers tapeworm so you do need drontal or similar as well. (stonghold was originally liscenced in america and is v popular because it protects against heartworm as well. this is not a problem over here). I think frontline and drontal is your best bet TBH. The new frontline combo does protect against ticks and helps keep the environment flea free too.

Drontal CAN make your dog feel nauseous. It is best given first thing in the morning about an hour before food, it can be put in a small amount of food if dog doesnt like tablets and that reduces the chances of the dog throwing the tab back up, most dogs dont feel sick though. Now the pup is six months old you can worm every three months should be fine as long as you keep up with the flea prevention.

You sound like you are on the ball with it all to be honest. You should technically apply frontline spot on every two months but yes you can stretch it out to three if you dont have any fleas at the moment. I always advise to carry treatment on through the year as we keep our houses lovely and warm and the fleas luurve it.

I dont know anything about advantage although i think it works on the same basis as stronghold.

I dont like to sound like a saleswoman but i dont actually think the pet shop preps do alot of good tbh, the stuff sold at the vets is much stronger, hence why they are prescription meds.


lucyellensmum Mon 03-Sep-07 10:17:03

muffin, just so you know, your dogs poo eating is called copraphagia (i bet you really wanted to know that he he). So tell me, do you look like a bundle of hay?

If it is his own poo he likes to eat you can sometimes get him over this by putting pineapple chunks in his food, apparently it makes the poo taste horrid hmm!!

MuffinMclay Mon 03-Sep-07 11:03:06

He won't eat his poo, only that of other dogs, sheep, horses, deer etc. He doesn't do it as much as he used to, thank goodness.

Regretably, I do look like a bundle of hay, at least first thing in the morning.grin. I'd rather be Bitzer Maloney.....

LittleB Mon 03-Sep-07 12:16:22

Thanks lucyellensmum, I think she may have only been training to be a nurse, but it was me who said I thought advocate didn't cover tapeworm and she didn't seem to know that. I'll go for the frontline and drontal then. I know about not useing non pescription wormers as I used to work as a dog warden and we'd always advise getting wormers from the vets but that was many years ago and stronghold/advocate are things I've only recently come across.

lucyellensmum Mon 03-Sep-07 17:27:31

i rather fancy myself as scarface claw, but i have a couple of bits missing

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