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how do we get the bloody cat down from a tree?

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hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:22:59

she's about 9 months and stuck as a stuck thing. beyond our reach - even with a ladder....and it's nearly half past midnight.

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:23:50

how high?

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:24:41

higher tan a ladder obviouskyblush

how longs your ladder?

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:25:18

sounded a bit russian then!

Biglips Sat 01-Sep-07 00:25:39

neeh-naw neeh-naw neeh-naw maybe hmm!!

shaking the treats bag might work!

weebleswobble Sat 01-Sep-07 00:27:05

She'll make her own way down when you're not looking - they're little buggers like that grin. Could be a long night waiting though while she builds up her confidence. Talcy will stay up with you.

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:27:29

how long's she been stuck?

sorry....sotoo many questions....i too would shake biscuit box////but guess youve prob done that?

thelittleElf Sat 01-Sep-07 00:27:33

Oh heck! Why is it they always decide to go on adventures at the mear sight of a mug of coco hmm

hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:27:39

she's about 20 feet up. dh managed to grab her (from eth top of theladder) but she wriggled and went further along the branch - out of reach. we shook the branch a bit which seemed to scare a bit of sense in her and she came back towards the trunk but then she changed her mind. and all this in the neighbour's garden, treading in their dog shit and in full expectation of getting accused of being burglars. and with only a red bike light for a torch.

hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:29:27

rspca advice is to leave them alone. so that's what we're trying now. we haven't seen her much all day so gawd knows how long she's been up there. she was cavorting with her boyfriend.

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:29:35 next bit of advice, weebles....they do tend to wait for you to turn away before they scramble down....then give you the finger/

lol weeblesgrin

seriously....i hope she comes down soon

Biglips Sat 01-Sep-07 00:31:05

show her her dins dins (food in her bowl as mine would've of came flyin down!)

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:31:23

awww, fingers crossed hatwomansmile

<<off to bed>>

i vote weebles stays up for cat watch

hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:32:21

she doesn;t eat so haven;t even tried rattling food at her...

weebleswobble Sat 01-Sep-07 00:32:29

Great help Talcy! grin I'm too pissed help. Cobra beer and Amaretto don't make for good cat watching.

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:32:58


OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:34:06

she doesn't eat???shock??

ive had tooooo much rum weeebles and i must go pee

thelittleElf Sat 01-Sep-07 00:35:31

Any sign of her coming down yet?

Biglips Sat 01-Sep-07 00:37:14

go to bed, as i bet yer that once you gone to bed she come down..

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:38:47

we'll all feel pretty shite if she doesn't!!!!!

<<gonna pee>>

weebleswobble Sat 01-Sep-07 00:39:47

She will! She will! Walk away and bet she follows.

hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:44:26

well, obviously she does eat a bit but not a huge amount. just been to try biscuit rattling over the garden wall and she just mewed pitifully. I think we're going to have to go to bed. relaly can;t see what else we can do.

hatwoman Sat 01-Sep-07 00:46:42

there's a photo of her on my profile. she's the little one

OldMotherTaLcY Sat 01-Sep-07 00:47:22

poor thing......sad

...gonna lay awake now worrying!!!!!

if you live in swaffham.norfolk,,,i will don my dressing gown and help....if not....i'll send weebles...

thelittleElf Sat 01-Sep-07 00:47:37

I'm guessing she doesn't normally stay out at night? Could you leave a small window open enough for her to get through?

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