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chewed kitchen door frame - the dog, not me!

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yogabird Sat 25-Aug-07 18:11:56

so we left our rescue dog that we've had since Weds this aft for a couple of hours, in the kitchen in his basket with a 'Kong@ stuffed with goodies to chew. He lost that tangled in his duvet and then chewed the door frame... how can i stop this happening again, short of building a kennel (dh is threatening this already and reaching for his saw!)

beautifulgirls Sat 25-Aug-07 18:59:35

1)consider investing in a dog cage - the collapsible type you can use on and off as you need them. Pleny of space for a bed and water in there so that he can get up and turn around to get comfortable. This way he can not get access to chew things when you need to leave him.

2)Bitter apple spray tastes foul to most dogs, but sadly some dogs will still chew things that are sprayed with it. Pet shops and vets sell it.

3)DAP diffuser or collar - helps to keep dogs calm at stressful times - like separation. Can be purchased over the counter at veterinary surgeries

4)If it is ongoing and you have tried all the above then speak to your vet about a behaviour referral.

MadLabOwner Sat 25-Aug-07 19:07:06

Would second the idea of a dog crate. We didn't get them for our 2 puppies as I misguidedly thought they were cruel to the dogs. Now I am older and wiser I would have no hesitation in getting a crate and putting a dog in it if I were going out. The dog will get to feel secure in it as it will be somewhere safe for it to be, with water and chews etc, and your furniture etc will be protected

hercules1 Sat 25-Aug-07 19:31:46

Crates are wonderful things.

Tiggiwinkle Sat 25-Aug-07 19:39:26

Definitely get a crate. Our 6 month old puupy loves hers and chooses to sleep in it-and we always put her in it if we are going out for a while.

pipsqueeke Sat 25-Aug-07 19:44:34

aww wyou poor poor thing our staffy chewed half the kitchen cupboard doors and skirtings when we first had her. pepper works as does worcs sauce apparently on the areas. didn't for our dog thou - weird animal used to lick it off first.

yogabird Mon 27-Aug-07 20:53:31

our neighbour will lend a crate smile problem solved then i hope. He's getting more settled now and is starting to respond better to instructions, poor thin nervy thing.

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