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Oh fgs is it REALLY possible to kill a guinea pig and lose 2 chickens in one sodding night?

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newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 20:48:27

We added some more chickens to the brood today, Sunshine, Thomasina and Edward (all hens). Edward and Sunshine have gone awol and Thomasina is perched for the night on a 7ft fence. I was asured by chicken pen building neighbour that 7ft was high enough.

Dead guina pig in kitchen in a Sainsbury's bag awaiting...I don't know what...

I need to get the kids to bed but we have been to the pub to look for the chickens as our rabbits go there of an evening and we thought they might have followed.

Fgs! Fgs! Fgs!

thegirlwithnoname Thu 23-Aug-07 22:02:05

NLNN Oh gosh it all happens in your house. I hope all goes well for you. btw why did you name your Hen Edward?

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:15:58

Indeed it does!

Found two hens so only one missing now - they were roosting in the trees. I had underestimated their bedtime. My hens don't go to bed until 9pm but these ones were roosting before 8!

The children named the hens which hopefully explains all

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:17:04

Do you think all the excitement killed the gp?

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:21:58

I'm taking the dead guinea pig to the toenail clipping lady tomorrow along with the live one and I'll ask her if she would mind checking out his enlarged bum hole.

Do you think she'll be okay with that?

Would it be bad of me to collect another GP while there and keep the poor little lonely guinea pig brother and new guinea at my house? I know it would but I can't bring myself to send guinea back to his owners.

Had to drag a very new friend round my house with a torch to look for chickens. Was trying to look for them with the light from my mobile but that wasn't cutting it. Also considered embarrassing myself further by asking pub occupants if they'd seen 3 chickens this evening...

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:24:29

They do say that gps pine so a companion might be a good idea, but I think males may fight unless brought up together .

Will a post mortem botty inspection tell you anything useful though - there is a question I never thought I would ask!

MamaG Thu 23-Aug-07 23:25:31

I really don't know how to answer that Q

Dabbles Thu 23-Aug-07 23:27:33

i have the answer... hold on let me gfind uit

Dabbles Thu 23-Aug-07 23:28:47

HERE is the difinitive answer to this thread

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:28:59

Dabbles which question are you planning on answering there?

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:30:07

Could you get the survivor neutered and get him ladyfriend?

Note to self - never pet sit for anyone on holiday - too much aggro!

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:31:42

Oh my goodness - that woman wouldn't approve of me calling it a night then in terms of searching for Thomasina the final missing chen would she?

I'm failing in my duties as hen keeper already!

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:33:11

Could Thomasina be roosting too? Do they fall of when soundly asleep - RR is totally a townie

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:33:33

I could indeed...but I so don't want more small animal poo to clean. I'm tempted to ask owners if they would consider rehoming and then I'd take on responsibility of finding him a home but you can't really say that can you?

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:34:37

I think you could - finding a good home would be responsible. It does not have to be you.

FlameBatfink Thu 23-Aug-07 23:35:24

<awaits the falling down answer as am also a total townie>

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:36:16

I'm sure Thomasina will be. Unfortunately she has feathers the same colour as leaves in torchlight (sort of grey) so we had no hope of finding her. Had a quick scout round the pub garden like a couple of loons and then came in to eat chocolate brownies. Ho hum. Will be up at dawn ready for when she wakes up. They can perch all night without falling. Edward was clinging on the fence for dear life and we had to drag her off - she was there for the night (or so she thought).

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:36:36

Have recently read Danny Chamption of the WOrld, so more conversant with pheasants with sticky hats!

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:37:36

V impressed by hens roosting and perching. I struggle to stay on 3" heels for a few hours!

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:38:10

Oh Blimey! It's ages since I read that. I'm going to give the chickens sticky boots tomorrow and stick them to their designated perch from about 4pm. Feckers.

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:41:10

Am loving chicken talk.

So, if they perch on branches are they safe from foxes?

BTW my dds were shocked that Danny's dad left him alone to go poaching!

FlameBatfink Thu 23-Aug-07 23:41:25

Hours? Tis minutes for me & heels

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:42:21

Depending on alcohol intake of course - more booze more stamina

newlifenewname Thu 23-Aug-07 23:45:35

Danny's dad is old skool,
super-cool-in-a-quiet-unassuming-sort-of-way dad.

My hens are idiots because although they tried to be very quiet and hidden, a fox would have sniffed them out in no time if passing.

RubyRioja Thu 23-Aug-07 23:46:54

Am thinking positive thoughts for Thomasina. And going to bed. Love the mad convos!

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