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How can I stop my dog crapping on the carpet?

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Charlie999 Fri 17-Aug-07 09:18:37

I have a 2 year old labrador who intermittently messes on the carpet in the room where he sleeps overnight. He always gets told off, and he KNOWS he shouldn't do it, but it still doesn't stop him.

I cleaned the carpet yesterday with my Vax,so I know all the smells had gone, put some paper down last night, and he STILL had a shit, but not on the paper .

Its not so much going to the toliet that bothers me, I just CANNOT get him to wake me up to let him out. I have a small baby, so am up during the night anyway

Any ideas or advice about how I can break this habit would be welcomed

Beauregard Fri 17-Aug-07 12:15:55

I know how annoying this can be.
When we had our dog from a pup years ago it took 3 years to house train him,he just didn't get it and we tried everything.
The only thing that worked was we took him on holiday with us for a week and he just 'got' what he was supposed to do.Maybe it was the change in enviroment ,i don't know?

Could you try feeding him earlier so you know that he wont be needing a poo in the night?and take him a quick stroll last thing at night?

KerryMumbledore Fri 17-Aug-07 12:17:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nbg Fri 17-Aug-07 12:19:17

Am with Kerry

Routine routine routine

They eventually realise that they will get to go out and do their business.

Charlie999 Fri 17-Aug-07 16:33:00

He gets 2 one hour walks a day and is usually a very good dog - feeding him earlier may can you train a dog to wake you up? He never wees - odd!

Thanks for all you advice

NB: I always pick up and bin it - doesn't everyone? Everyone I know does

KerryMumbledore Fri 17-Aug-07 19:24:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sullysmum Fri 17-Aug-07 23:38:21

When you are up feeding the baby in the night,wake the dog up and take him to the garden anyway.

contentiouscat Fri 17-Aug-07 23:44:23

Does he have a large area to sleep in because if he only has a small area he would not poo near his bed unless he had a medical problem. On the rare occasions MILs dog has done this he has flipped open a door and done it in another room.

If you get really desparate you could try a dog crate

jemtastic Fri 17-Aug-07 23:46:40

When I was pregnant with DS3 my cat used to poo in the sink in the kitchen and on the workbench and anywehere else she could find. It was not pleasant -years later and she is still here... she now poo's under the kitchen table- I have tried everything but have resigned myself to the litter tray world. She is now 14. Tell me She'll die soon! Sorry no advice but kids love her which is SOOOO annoying which is more than I can say for the neighbours who have poo in their yards on a regular basis...

contentiouscat Fri 17-Aug-07 23:48:43

Lol Jem "Tell me She'll die soon! love her"

God I could have written that.

Magicmayhem Fri 17-Aug-07 23:48:52

I'm with routine routine routine... is it proper poo or loose poo.. maybe it got a habit that he knows hes going to be told off in the morning doesn't know why and is anxious and poos..
try ignoring him when it happens (ok, hard I now) and giving him a last walk late at night..
good luck

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