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Wish me luck!

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Madwelshwoman Thu 16-Aug-07 15:08:44

I've decided to go buy the pup a nice big comfy pillow/bed thing to sleep on, I'm locking the cats out and she's spending tonight in the kitchen! After my relapse last night with letting her in my bed and my friend's warning that coming downstairs in middle of night to let her wee can become problematic (her mum's 4 year old dog still does it) I'm going to be strong and do this!!!

Please tell me I'm doing the right thing? I hate a puppy whining I go all melty

AnAngelWithin Thu 16-Aug-07 15:18:11

good luck!!

beautifulgirls Thu 16-Aug-07 20:26:38

start as you mean to go on, otherwise it confuses them. You are doing the right thing though it will not necessarily be easy. When the going gets tough re-read this and know you are doing the right thing still.
Good luck

scarymamma Thu 16-Aug-07 20:45:41

You go girl! We got our pup 2 years ago. I know it's hard but it's the best way. It might be nice having a cute cuddly pup in your bed but she's going to grow up big, hairy and smelly (bit like a bloke really!!) DH used to work away (hence why I got our 'guard'dog) and one night I let him sleep in his bed in my room, after the fifth foul puppy fart he went back down to the kitchen swiftish!! He's happy there and knows his place in the home and in the family. Keeping separate sleeping quarters for the family and the dog is also important in establishing her 'position' within the pack - i.e the bottom. It's essential that the dog realises that especially with children around. We had quite a struggle with our dog and ds. Dog thought he was more important (and was starting to get stroppy with DS), so Ds was given the job of feeding dog but only after ds had finished eating his food. Also, (this may sound a bit yucky) we put a small pot of smarties in the dogs food which DS ate in front of the dog before giving him his dinner.

So, stick to your gun's!

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