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how long does it take for frontline flea stuff to work

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pirategirl Wed 15-Aug-07 23:34:09

gave my cat a dose yesterday. managed to catch 3 from under her chin today, with the help of my stepdad lol.

Just thought it would make it better for her any i could get.

Gave her drontal tablet, well about a half of one as she is tiny, on to her food. I can only wonder how much she ate, as picked at it sporadically over 12 hrs.

Is it nomral that they are so miserable and grumpy when they have fleas?? I'm guesing the worm part could also cause her to be off colour.

She has been banned from the bedrooms, yet afew days ago I saw a little bastard flea on my arm when i was in my bedroom, yeuck.

Will one dose really get rid of them, cos its another month till i can do her again right??

fleas love me, is disgusting, i loathe them.

Lubyloo Wed 15-Aug-07 23:57:22

I think it's supposed to kill adult fleas in about 24 hours.

If the fleas have got to the stage where you are seeing them indoors and on you then it would be a good idea to treat your house too.
I wouldn't bother buying over the counter stuff as it's not very effective. You will be able to get something from your vets (Indorex?)It is pricey but should do the job.

Good luck!

pirategirl Thu 16-Aug-07 00:01:35

thanks luby, im just did a search on here, and got lots of info too. I do remember yrs back getting some spray from the vets , for another cat, that was for the house.

i think it was about 12 back then. gawd.

will have to take a trip 2moro then.

maggymay Thu 16-Aug-07 11:30:24

you can buy spray for the home online at a pet pharmacy it tends to be slightly cheaper than from the vet. frontline should work on the cat within 24 hours but if your still seeing them then maybe they are new ones that you cat has picked up and they should die off within the next 24 hours

iliketosleep Thu 16-Aug-07 17:25:43

i can highley recommend "zodiac" flea killer, the do house spray and flea collars, although the collars smell like bacon they are bloody good! the house spray is £9.99 and the collars are about £5. I have an ongoing problem with fleas and have just got rid of the "summer" batch!

jo25 Thu 16-Aug-07 17:32:11

try using the frontline combo, as this treats th ehouse as well as cat, we use this because our cat has a bad flea allergy and it keeps that at bay and in the 3 years we have had him never once have we seen a flea, either on him or in the house. it is a little more expensive at around £25 per 6 months but well worth it IMHO.

HorseyWoman Thu 16-Aug-07 22:55:35

We frontline regularly and occasionally dose the house in spray from the vets. We also frontline the giant rabbit who comes in every night. But this year we were STILL struggling to get rid of them; I was getting bitten to buggery and kept finding them on my arms and legs, would then find the cats had shed loads of eggs on the coffee table or somewhere, and felt like giving up. I was so peed off with it. You can't squash the things because they a) jump so far and so quickly, and b) they have rock hard shells so are near on impossible to squash!

Anyway, yesterday I boiled all bedding, cat beds, washable cushion covers, nets and curtains. I hoovered any textiles that couldn't be washed and I put the shagpile rug out on the line, beat it to within an inch of its life, hoovered it loads, sprayed it with the stuff from the vet (I think this is where they were living as they hate sunlight). I cleaned in cracks and hoovered them out. I hoovered under and around everything. I was just really thorough. We frontlined all the animals and doused the house in spray, and then left windows open to vent. The house feels cleaner and we think we are rid of them! None on the animals today and I haven't seen any eggs or anything.

It has taken months to get rid of them; months of half-hearted frontlining. I got so fed up of being eaten to death by fleas and constantly itching and then getting scars where I scratch, that I had to completely gut the whole house. Lots of people struggling with fleas this year. The vet said fleas become immune if you use the same treatment all the time, but frontline is one of best. Lady in vets was also having trouble getting rid this year. Loads of grass fleas around (whatever they are), so says vet.

Your frontline should have worked by now as you normally cannot touch them for 24 hours after doing them, or something like that.

iliketosleep Fri 17-Aug-07 00:15:58

man in the pet shop told me its because of the constant change in the weather, aparently they love the damp, and as it has been raining, sunny, raining, sunny etc its the perfect living conditions for them so they breed double what they normally do. Or something i dunno lol we've got em and ive blitzed every corner of the house and flea collared the cats, also the johnsons 4fleas tablets are good! one in there food and the fleas, eggs and larvae are dead within 24 hours! fingers crossed i havent been bitten since and its been 2 days

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Fri 17-Aug-07 00:30:50

We only had the problem once (dog picked the fleas at the vet ). It costed a fortune to get rid of them.

We used the frontline combo, can't remember properly but I believe the good thing about the expensive stuff was that the effect lasts long enough for the eggs, that may be already in the carpets, to hatch and die.

pirategirl Fri 17-Aug-07 00:33:38

found 2 live buggers in dd's room, in her pop up tent, yes the cat last slept inthere about 4 days agi, b4 i realised she had a prob. Have chucked in the garden even tho its a lovey cotton one, will deal with it 2moro.

Found another live one on cats neck, but she's white there so they are easy to spot, but a bitch to catch, as she is long haired.

Was tempted to frontline her agian today, but its only been 48 hrs, and it might poison her??? Has any one else bunged more on before they r supposed too.

Am paraniod about the house now, so will have to go to the vets and get a house spray despite the rip off costs.

God i loathe them, they scare me. little bastards.

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Fri 17-Aug-07 00:42:31

I think you should prepare for a week of delaing with them. It takes a bit of time to be sure they are gone not to come back.

ambercat Fri 17-Aug-07 01:02:25

i have just had the pest control man here last week as we had so many problems getting rid of them.

£80 but i haven't seen any of the little bastards since.

Have been to vet and will be frontlineing the cats obsessivly every month now, have been a liitle erratic in the last few months but i'm not going through this again!

HorseyWoman Fri 17-Aug-07 08:52:20

Yes, the weather is a problem. But also, once they are in the house they keep breeding more and more and if their new eggs aren't got rid of then they will also hatch into adults and you become overrun. Nothing was getting rid of ours, til I cottoned on to it maybe being a 6ftx6ft shagpile rug to blame, and boiled everything else. Fingers crossed all ok now. Happy because our female cat was voluntarily outdoors most of the time, sleeping under the hammock. She is in now, and we think it was the fleas getting her down and she felt ousted as we didn't want them on the bed like normal.

Good luck everyone. It's a bloody tortuous job, but where animals are not confined to a house 24/7, they will pick up fleas, especially cats.

pirategirl Fri 17-Aug-07 09:29:46

horsey, i think you have apoint there about feelign ousted. Our cat has een very dwon, and just nuched on the bench in the garden, We have been out and about a great deal also, so i think she has been feeling neglected.

I have just put tsome tuna in her bowl when she shows up this morning.!!!

mazzed42 Sun 19-Aug-07 23:04:35

we've had a lot of trouble with fleas this year. frontlined the cats and went camping for a week, came home to a house full of fleas. the cats had been in a cattery but the house was full of them and we dont even have a garden. the cats go outside in our courtyard but there is no grass! we brought Zodiac from petsmart. it took 3 cans of the stuff but it seems to have done the trick. dh was getting fed up with it, he had been bitten all over but hopefully they wont return as it has an insecticide in the spray which is meant to protect your house for up to a year after spraying.

Flairclaire Fri 29-Sep-17 11:03:16

Hi .I recently saw a report on Fake Britain saying that some Frontline (fakes) products are counterfeit with no true active ingredients. Also I recently treated my 2 Jack Russels & 1 cat & 1 kitten with Frontline which I had bought from a reputable store which had no effect at all . Several days later there were still fleas on all 4 animals. My vet told me that most fleas are now immune to Frontline & gave me a new product which has done the job. Incidentally dogs can be allergic to cat fleas & then chew their rumps until they bleed. No nice .

Kaykee Tue 03-Oct-17 20:22:03

I just flead all my animals with stuff from the vet as heard horror stories about cheap stuff, takes 24 hours to kill them but you need to treat all your carpets etc too all mine have been sprayed and will be recdone in a few days
Out of 5 of us in the house I've been bitten tonnes looks bloody horrible

Branleuse Tue 03-Oct-17 20:25:30

frontline doesnt work. It hasnt worked for a few years. Most fleas are resistant to it. I dont know why they still sell it tbh.
Advantage works better, but if theyre in the house too, then you need a can of Indorex and spray it everywhere

Hazza000 Sun 08-Oct-17 09:42:01

We used frontline but it stopped working so we switched to advantage and it's much better. I understand fleas are becoming immune to frontline.

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