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Perianal tumour in dog - what to do

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Tanfastic Sat 19-Oct-19 23:04:27

I just wondered if anyone had/has a dog with a benign perianal tumour?

I've a 13 year old intact male Lhasa Apso who was diagnosed with one of these about nine months ago. Vet gave us various options one being removal and castration (as it's a testosterone driven tumour) but said on balance as it wasn't that big or causing him any problems then given his age, she'd prob advise a "watch and wait" approach.

So he's been ok until very recently when it has started bleeding and oozing a bit. I've been fastidious in keeping the area clean and sterile etc but it appears now to look ulcerated and there is a disgusting smell. I assume it's infected. Dog isn't slightly bothered by it and is still acting normally and happy etc but given the smell and mess I've made another appointment to speak to the vet.

I'm really not sure what to do...last time she said castration would halt further growth and stop any further tumours forming but his age was a factor.

I'm feeling it's really not his time to be pts as he seems happy and eating, playing etc but I don't know how to manage it going forwards.

I just wondered if anyone else had any experience of these tumours in dogs?

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