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Would appreciate a bit of support - collecting our puppy next week and I'm feeling anxious.

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Shanley Fri 18-Oct-19 21:18:45

I would recommend getting insurance definitely. Even that is a minefield! I’m with Bought by Many who were a good price but I haven’t claimed so far so I can’t say how good they are with claims. I also pay for a plan at my vets which is about £12 a month to cover vaccines, flea and worm treatment and discount on spaying. There’s so much to think about and you could worry about everything - just enjoy it! My top tip is to stock up on plenty of kitchen roll to clean up all the accidents!

userxx Fri 18-Oct-19 21:15:04

Op, you are taking insurance out aren't you? Vets are bloody expensive these days.

Span1elsRock Fri 18-Oct-19 21:08:28

£100 a month that should read, sorry.

Span1elsRock Fri 18-Oct-19 21:07:19

I'd estimate that we spend around £100 on our two spaniels. That includes a mid range food (James Wellbeloved), their insurance and their flea/worm treatment. Boosters are around £40 a year each and we seem to average out around 2/3 vet trips each a year at around £70. Last night we spent this as one had scratched their eyeball and needed antibiotics and eye drops hmm. Having the youngest one speyed cost us around £160.

You really need insurance with a young puppy, and I'd avoid cheap food until they are at least 1 to avoid issues with digestion and developing joints. They grow at a rate of knots especially in the first 6 months.

Twillow Fri 18-Oct-19 20:51:45

I hope you've budgeted for insurance? But even then you have to pay the excess and the full amount if it's under a certain amount (i.e. the joy of a £99 bill for a look in the dog's ear and some antibiotic drops...)

Do you have a financial safety net? I think the advice is a reserve of between 3 and 6 month's wages. If not, do a determined period of hard money-saving and tight budgeting to build one up. There's lots online to make it quite a project. One I read suggested 50:30:20 ratio with your income - 50% on needs, 30% on wants and 20% on savings.

Also, from bitter experience, it's easy to overspend on provisions for a puppy. It doesn't need a fancy bed, or heaps of toys: will probably chew the bed up and ignore the toys. Use an old duvet or pillows, stuffed into a case of some kind. Lumpy is good as it feels like being snuggled up with the rest of the litter! Look up things like home-made toys. Our most loved is still a bit of plaited fleece to play tug of war with. Do find something it likes to chew though as most of my budget has gone on replacing the sofa and wooden living room furniture angry
Do get a puppy playpen, or have a secure room with a stargate on the door.
Can't advise on a crate as our dog wouldn't go in it. We took it back to Pets at Home who are fantastic about returns even if you've tried the item out or lost the label.
Buy big bags of food from Lidl/Aldi.

Leapoffaith00 Fri 18-Oct-19 20:35:35

It's because I'm a single parent and worry something financial may crop up. Not sure if I'm over worrying. I work part time and have no concerns re him being looked after etc. I just worry that an unexpected vet bill may crop up. I worry if the car may break down or the heating systems may break too. That's normal isn't it? As a single parent with one income. I just don't have any savings and have lived this way for 10 years being single. Always managed though.
Please can someone reassure me that everything is going to be ok. Surely tgere are lots of single parents on low incomes have a family pet?

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