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I did it!!

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Madwelshwoman Wed 15-Aug-07 09:41:27

Well I emptied out one of the kids toy crates and put the pup in that next to my bed last night with her blanket and she was fine!! She did whine a bit at first but I kept stroking her until she settled then she woke up during the night about 2-3 times so I took her downstairs and outside for a wee then back to her box. Got up with her then about 6am. Quite pleased but dh still not convinced a crate is a good idea. Also managed to get her to poo outside too so going well!! Never thought I'd be quite so enthusiastic about dog poo though

magnolia1 Wed 15-Aug-07 09:49:00


Work on dh, explain to him that when you go out and leave the puupy with the run of the kitchen you are likely to come home to puddles, dog poo thats been trodden around the floor, chewed skirting boards ect.... not now for the chewing but when she starts teething.

Also it is a safe haven for them in the day. We keep the door open unless we go out or at bedtime.

BernieBear Thu 16-Aug-07 08:42:25

Just wanted to second magnolia on the crate thing. I got my puppy on Sunday and he loves his crate. It is his place where he can go to get away from it all. I have had no problems at night and only one poo (when he first got here) in it. At the moment he has retrieved all his toys and taken them into his crate and is now fighting them all!!!

I think people don't like them because they look bad, but I really don't think they are! Like Magnolia I leave the door open unless we pop out (only for about an hour at the moment!) and at night.

Madwelshwoman Thu 16-Aug-07 09:41:40


He's still not sure but I haven't had much time to work on him really! She didn't do too bad last night but did sneak into my bed at some point in the early hours of the morning so I'm going to have to do something. I personally think it would be a good idea if only for her to get some private space away from the kids. Let you know when I get one!

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