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Calling London strippers!

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Bigmango Wed 09-Oct-19 11:43:04

Shameless subject title for attention.

We live in north London and have a Lakeland Terrier pup. We were recommended a groomer who we have since used. They seem great - knowledgable about the breed, good with the doggo and talked us through the stripping process and why it is better etc. All good. Except the bill came to £75. He was there for 2 hours so that is about right BUT they want to do this every 8 weeks. My friends who have wire haired terriers in other parts of the country pay £50 twice a year. The £75 I can cope with but 6 times a year? Are they taking us for a ride? Everything I have read suggests twice a year for stripping is good but she says that she likes to get on top of it more regularly.

Can anyone help? Is this about right or excessive?

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