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Our first "dog-door" - any advice re suppliers and what to look for?

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loveyouradvice Sat 05-Oct-19 13:14:37


Now the cold weather is creeping in I've started to fantasise about having a dog door so small dog can independently get into the garden

Having not had one, I'm wondering:
- Who are good suppliers?
- What's worked - or not worked - for you?

I'm aware that we're putting it into a large doubleglazed door so keen to not have drafts ... and also keen to have one that is easy for our dog to use. He happily pushes an internal door open so I'm hoping he is easy to train!

dementedpixie Sat 05-Oct-19 13:29:52

You would need to replace the pane of glass as you cant cut into double glazed glass

loveyouradvice Sat 05-Oct-19 17:31:20

Absolutely - we are expecting that... means it won't be cheap but it feels worth it

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