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Woahriver Thu 03-Oct-19 18:35:13

I bought a puppy that we are collecting in a few weeks, it will grow big and when it is fully grown will be classified as a xs dog. and in the meantime I would like to buy things for the puppy before it gets here, I have the basics already, including grooming supplies etc, buy I want fun toys and practical items etc, any dog owners out there have any recommendations?

Windydaysuponus Thu 03-Oct-19 18:38:53

Nerf make ddog toys that actually last.
And a cushion for your bed for dpuppy!!

Nerdcc Thu 03-Oct-19 21:19:41

Kong dog toys. Get a wubba or the classic kong and fill it with stuff. Keeps the puppy quite.

CakeAndGin Thu 03-Oct-19 21:41:24

I wouldn’t buy too many toys at the moment, despite how tempting it is. The tough toys are too heavy and tough for puppies, especially one that is going to be XS. But the soft toys, you don’t know of your dog is going to shred them.

Chews. Look for puppy ones and make sure you get small ones. You can buy toys that act as teething toys too. When ours was teething we gave her frozen carrots, so maybe some baby carrots as it’s a small dog? I second kong toys, you don’t need to fill them with long treats though. I would make mine up at a weekend and feeeze them. We used mashed banana, shredded carrot, kibble (and gave slightly less for her meals) soaked in water and mashed (🤢) and a few small treats to try and keep calories down. The more disgusting for you, the happier the dog is. If when the puppy is older you get them balls, they should be dog balls not tennis balls.

Practical things you might not have thought about: something to restrain the dog in the car, a harness or crate. Dog towels, it’s coming into winter so even their first 10 minute walks out, you’ll need to dry their paws and maybe their belly. Mountain warehouse have some micro fibre towels that don’t take up too much room and dry quickly. If it’s a small dog and will get cold, you might want a coat. If, like me, you live on a street with few street lights you might want a high-vis coat. You’ll only be doing short walks but if this is a tiny dog you definitely want it to be seen on its evening walk. You can get collar lights too. Get a collapsible water bottle, you won’t need it straight away but when the dog is able to do full days out or when the weather gets better, they are so good. A tick remover could be very useful depending on how rural you are, they can be easily picked up at the vets.

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