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Please talk to me about Bengal cats

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Qcng Wed 02-Oct-19 20:50:54

Basically this.

I have posted this here and also on "the litter tray"
We're thinking about buying two Bengal cats, because I have researched as much as I can and think they are simply gorgeous, brave, lovable, full of personality, etc.
The fact is though, we have no experience of keeping one, have never even known one.

So I'm throwing it out there. Please anyone with any knowledge of Bengal cats let us know the downsides/upsides! I don't mind if you've had one, your neighbor or cousin had one, you heard of someone who had one, just any experiences.
We're trying to research as much as possible and I trust mumsnetters.

Thank you

RetreatingWeasels Wed 02-Oct-19 21:10:33

identical thread

JorisBonson Wed 09-Oct-19 15:06:09

We have a bengal mix. She's super chatty, can turn into liquid form when she doesn't want to be picked up, and is ridiculously clever.

Please do look at rescues though, these's lots of amazing kitties looking for homes, and you won't be lining a breeders pockets.

MustardScreams Wed 09-Oct-19 15:10:09

See first post on thread linked above.

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