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Dog Nasal Cancer

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spring1986 Tue 01-Oct-19 23:40:58

Hi All,

My beautiful beagle Charlie has recently been diagnosed with nasal cancer (back in July) and the only symptom he had back then was sneezing. The CT scan showed a complete obstruction of one nostril and the bone between his brain and his nose was starting to erode away. The doctors have said nothing can be done and he is now being treated palliatively with a chemo drug called palladia. Unfortunately Charlie had a grand mal seizure four weeks ago, which has demonstrated the spread to his brain. He is now on steroids, anti fitting drugs, chemo and codeine to try and keep him as comfortable as possible for as long as we can. I am wondering if anyone else has been through this? How long did your beloved dog stay with you after the seizures started? Did they have more seizures after the first ones and how far apart were they, and were these what lead to eventually saying goodbye to them. I know this is very morbid but seeing my Charlie have a seizure was honestly one of the most horrific experiences of my life, and I need to be prepared for what's next - this is how I am able to cope. He is also very bright and happy at the moment which is very confusing for me and hard to imagine him so ill. So I would be grateful for anyone willing to share their experience, although I completely understand if it is too much for you to do so.

Thank you x

Ohbuggerlugs Wed 02-Oct-19 19:17:56

I’m sorry OP Just here for a hand hold. I’m
So sorry your going through this, cuddle for you and Charlie boy xx

spring1986 Wed 02-Oct-19 22:24:35

Thank you very much @Ohbuggerlugs I appreciate that, it is very sad sad

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