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Is there a dog in rescue for us?

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higgyhog Mon 30-Sep-19 14:15:05

We are very experienced dog owners, our fifth dog ( a rescue dog) died at a great age two years ago and we are now thinking about another.

4 out ;of the 5 dogs we have owned have been rescue dogs and we have never had any problems with them, even managing to house train a clueless 2 year old dachshund.

I keep looking for a dog that is suitable but most of them seem to have separation anxiety and need someone at home constantly, some are dog aggressive. We have done well with dogs that need trust building up and I thought an ex breeding dog might be a good idea, but all these need an experienced dog to live with. We are semi retired, so DH home 3 weekdays and on the other two I am out part of the day, a suitable dog could come to work with me.

There is a dear little dachshund with problems on Many Tears that I feel sure we could work with but he needs a friendly older dog to show him the ropes.

I'm starting to think I need to buy a puppy to grow up to be the friendly older dog in due course, which sort of defeats the object.

steppemum Mon 30-Sep-19 14:22:04

do keep looking.
The rescue we got ours from had a constant turn over of dogs, and many of them could be rehomed without an older dog.

Mrsducky88 Mon 30-Sep-19 14:26:19

Keep looking. Maybe go to breed specific rescues too, you may have to travel further as generally dogs are spread around the country in foster homes rather than in kennels but I’m sure there will be the perfect dog for you somewhere

higgyhog Mon 30-Sep-19 15:24:09

Every other time we have looked it was easy, this time it seems super difficult!

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Thu 03-Oct-19 10:50:18

If you are near London/in South East, I recommend Battersea Dogs Home. (have branches in Kent and Old Windsor too). People from all over England adopt from there (even some who live abroad). My experience with them was a very positive one (adopted a 4 year old dog) and the result is snoozing in the next room now.

Starlight2004 Thu 03-Oct-19 10:53:23

Have you looked at shelters abroad via charities that will bring them over for you? We have a rescue from Cyprus. It was a really easy process to adopt, the charity took care of everything and our little dog is just gorgeous.

Starlight2004 Thu 03-Oct-19 10:54:41

Also the shelters abroad often have young puppies as they are so frequently abandoned in litters.

higgyhog Thu 03-Oct-19 14:05:54

Thank you for the advice, I think we will wait until I retire now as we would really like a puppy this time ( after adopting two 8 year olds, one after another) an overseas shelter sounds a good idea.

Lara53 Sun 13-Oct-19 14:22:31

Dogs Walk This Way bring puppies and older dogs over from Romania every few weeks. Based in Surrey/ Hampshire

nilcarborundum Sun 13-Oct-19 15:22:16

If it's an older dachshund you want, try the Red Foundation on Facebook.

Astrabees Sun 13-Oct-19 15:33:43

We are registered with Red Foundation, but I don't think they get many dogs to rehome. We have 2 weeks away in November and once we are back will see if Winston, an older black shar-pei is still waiting at Rescue Remedies. (Name changed for another thread )

HappyHolidays75 Sun 13-Oct-19 15:42:34

Were abouts are you roughly?

Spaniel assist has a litter of puppies - just luck with timing for a rescue pup.

Wood green, Faith Animal Rescue, AA dog rescue and paws crossed are ones I follow (east/south east). Dogs trust sometimes too.
We got our collie from Wickaways (Lincolnshire).

Hodgeheg3 Sat 19-Oct-19 11:44:46

Would you consider a greyhound or are they too big? They have some young failed racers at the kennels we got our dog from and it feels like they might suit you and vice versa. I am totally biased as we rehomed an ex-racer earlier this year and we adore him!

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