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Cat has lost a fang

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cannotwaitanylonger Sat 28-Sep-19 15:29:59

Exactly that. Came down stairs this morning, he yawned and he has lost his fang - in fact this is the second one gone. He doesn't seem to be in pain although I think he has be in a scrap, the site of the lost tooth isn't inflamed or bleeding. Should I take him to a vet even though he is not in pain or distress

Has anyone else had their cat lose a fang like this??

Drogonssmile Sat 28-Sep-19 15:41:19

My old boy was 18 when he died and had one fang left. We checked with the vet but they said as long as it wasn't painful and he was eating and drinking fine then it wasn't an issue. He literally had one fang. Not even any of the little teeth! He was so cute and gummy smile

smartiecake Sat 28-Sep-19 15:44:59

We have a rescue cat with only one fang. It doesn't cause him any problems and he still eats everything just fine although he is a little bit dribbly

Wombleish Sat 28-Sep-19 15:51:54

This has happened to our 8 year old boy too. No idea when or where, there wasn't any blood or swelling, his other teeth are pretty good for his age and he doesn't seem in the least bit bothered. I only noticed when he yawned in my face, the bad-mannered little bugger grin

PhantomErik Sat 28-Sep-19 15:52:17

One of my cats is 16 & has no fangs at all, they never caused her any trouble.

Another of my cats lost a top fang & ended up with a sore mouth as the bottom fang started poking into his upper lip. He ended up having that one taken out & his lip healed up. He has a very cute lopsided yawn now grin

cannotwaitanylonger Sat 28-Sep-19 16:30:14

Ah thank you all!! I will keep an eye out on it as I don't want him to suffer.

I guess it fell out

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