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Wtf is this?!

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Kittypillar Thu 26-Sep-19 07:25:51

Bit freaked out right now. This is right nearby where DD sleeps sad have no idea what it is?? Dead fleas? Larvae? Other bugs killed by spray?

We noticed our cats had fleas two nights ago and since then we have treated the cats, sprayed the house A LOT, hoovered, washed bed sheets etc... tried to be really on it as toddler DD plus I'm in the very early stages of pregnancy. These were new clean sheets last night!!! We'd only seen a couple of fleas around the house but now I'm worrying we've got something really huge on our hands... Can anyone help identify what this might be? After spraying a house, how long does it usually take these barstools to die?! Should I be worried this was right by where my toddler DD was sleeping on the mattress?

Thanks everyone.
Goes off to hyperventilate into a paper bag

Moondancer73 Thu 26-Sep-19 07:36:54

That looks like flea larvae.
It takes time for house flea spray to work - and the only one that really works is indorex. Anything else is just full of harmful chemicals for you, your cats and potentially your baby so 'spraying lots' won't work.

Kittypillar Thu 26-Sep-19 08:11:03

Thanks @Moondancer73. Have ordered a couple of bottles. Bit livid at husband really, told him to order that in the first place and he insisted the Johnsons stuff he found at Pets at Home would be fine.

Feel upset about it. First time we've had anything as bad as this and it's come at a really bad time sad

Moondancer73 Thu 26-Sep-19 11:01:05

Don't ever use any Johnson's stuff - for the house or the cat. The stuff for the cats is potentially very harmful, along with bob martins. Always get drops from the vet.

Kittypillar Thu 26-Sep-19 16:23:38

Urgh, wish I'd known sad worried now as DH bloody sprayed the stuff everywhere. Me and DD left it lots of time before we went back and aired the house out A LOT but almost worried for her to touch anything now.

Honestly, I love my cats but this is so frustrating!

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