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So - can you have TOO many plants in your fish tank ??

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LeafTurner Fri 10-Aug-07 13:05:55

Went a bit mad and bought a set of plants from Greenline plants - and have just received them and put them in the tank !! Fish look a bit perplexed !

They did have a few plants before - but ate them - so tank was pretty bare before !

Tank is not massive and has two canary goldfish in - and now 6 plants too !

Also - I can't stop two of them floating up to the top - I planted them in the gravel but the fish keep nudging them loose !!

Poor fish ! Mind you - they are 10 mths old and I never thought they'd last this long !

RubberDuck Fri 10-Aug-07 13:16:54

Goldfish? They'll probably shred the plants, sorry They do like to eat 'em.

Otherwise no - the more the merrier (well, as long as they can still swim, lol). Real plants are great for keeping good water quality.

What plants did you get out of interest? I've only got a small 30L tank (and not very bright lighting) so have a java fern, moss balls and anubis nana - haven't killed them yet

LeafTurner Fri 10-Aug-07 13:19:14

Yes I know - they ate the last lot !

I don't know what the plants are to be honest - they were a "selection" for £6.99 !! Very nice too !

Have just looked up saize of my tank and it is only 14 litres - I think I need to upgrade ! Poor cramped fish !

LeafTurner Fri 10-Aug-07 13:35:48

Oooh - shall I get a BiOrb ?? They look cool and there is a 30 litre one ! My fish will be moving up the property ladder !

RubberDuck Fri 10-Aug-07 13:52:13

I have a biorb Mine's tropical though. For two goldies you should really get the 60L biorb as they need lots of space (ideally 10 gallons/38L per goldie) (I wish I'd got the bigger one from the word go, as well). Aqua One tanks are also very nice.

Disadvantage of the biorb is that the filter is right at the bottom so you need to get your arm wet for filter changes, often moving decor to reach it. Otherwise they are lovely tanks (ignore what they say about only cleaning once a month though - my 30L definitely needs cleaning once a week and I have tropicals - goldfish are much messier).

Make sure you take something over of your old tank so the good bacteria gets transfered over and avoid new tank syndrome (a sponge from your old tank... some gravel tied in an old sock (can't use gravel any smaller than a large peain a biorb as it gets stuck in the filter)... and pass over the old water). Be prepared to test the water and do lots of partial water changes until the water parameters settle.

RubberDuck Fri 10-Aug-07 13:53:06

Oh if you get the biorb, get the LED lighting ... you get moonlight blue in the evenings it's lovely. With real plants though you'll need to go for the extended daylight setting and stick to plants that can thrive in low light.

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