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keeping goldfishes alive - is there an easy way?

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PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:14:03

this is our second one. both lasted exactly two weeks.
apparently the first had fin rot and did not realise in time (I thought he was like Nemo! )

we got another one and today is at the bottom of the tank - I know he'll go

we have a tank with filter, we bought all the stuff, medicine etc...

I don't want anymore... unless there is an easy and sound way to keep the alive. (I am pregnant so cannot deal with any more deaths...)

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:19:55

ups he come out of his coma and started swimming allright...

oh help!! what's the story with these creatures?

Nightynight Thu 09-Aug-07 07:22:51

oh no.
ds wants a goldfish. [fearful emoticon]

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:25:50

nighty I thought it would be the easiest of things. in my days we had them in a tank with no filter and they seemed to last ages.

the dog and the cat gave us zero heartache in comparison!!

we shall wait and see methink!

bigknickersbigknockers Thu 09-Aug-07 07:27:50

We had this problem Pipi, we got through about 8 goldfish and they all seemed to swim on their sides and then after acouple of days like that they died.
We sold the fish tank in the end, it got beyond a joke

Furball Thu 09-Aug-07 07:38:53

have a shufty at here for clues?

chopster Thu 09-Aug-07 07:39:24

how long have you actually had the tank running? How big is it? Have you tested the water before adding the fish? Most pet shops will do this before you when you go to buy fish.

Are you neutralising the water with a product like aquasafe?

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:40:13

bigkbigk if this one goes the tank will be on ebay first thing!!
I cannot cope with the idea that they might die because of something we did/didn't do.

now he is as healthy as never. do goldfishes sleep?????

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 07:41:27

Message withdrawn

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 07:42:04

Message withdrawn

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:44:58

chopster it a tank big enough for three fishes and we have one, we used aquasafe and fin rot medicine. we did 30% water change onc a week, we bought him a log to hide.

I did check previous threads and it seems such a palaver of things to do to keep a goldfish..

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:45:55

fio fio HOW!!!!!!

do you do all these treatments to the water?

chopster Thu 09-Aug-07 07:47:02

I'd change my fish supplier if I were you.

FioFio Thu 09-Aug-07 07:47:13

Message withdrawn

PippiLangstrump Thu 09-Aug-07 07:50:59

chopster we did that too.
first one was from a fun fair sooo I thought 'fair enough'!

the second one we got from a 'proper' shop.

FioFio that's what I am going to do!!

(I am looking at it now and he is healthier than me - I swera he was hardly breathing before!!!)

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