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How can I stop rabbit escaping?

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prettypurpledaisy Tue 07-Aug-07 13:19:12

I have lovely rabbit, but it has eaten its way out of two cages and now trying to burrow out of new one, she has water food and plenty of space to run around. Why will she not stop trying to escape, I also have 2 year old westie who loves to chase her around the garden and I am afraid ahe will kill her if she ever catches her. Please help my lawn is a death trap with rabbit holes all over it.

CarGirl Tue 07-Aug-07 13:20:49

don't know but you can buy runs with mesh at the bottom as well as the sides and top?

prettypurpledaisy Tue 07-Aug-07 13:24:29

That seems a bit cruel but I may have to think about it we are all nervous wrecks in the morning once dog has gone out just in case we need to catch her.

CarGirl Tue 07-Aug-07 13:26:07

You could an abolutely huge run with the hutch attached so she has access outside all the time. Perhaps she is just bored? <<have no ideas what a rabbit would enjoy playing with>>

alycat Tue 07-Aug-07 13:30:17

Get one with fine weld mesh (rectangles)rather than small metal netting (octagons)

KITTENSOCKS Tue 07-Aug-07 15:47:17

Look in Pets at Home for a range of rabbit toys and food treats, also independent pet shops. Build a run with stout mesh buried 12-18 inches below ground level, and let the rabbit burrow with impunity!!!!

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