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where can you get cheap frontline online?

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BBBee Sat 04-Aug-07 08:34:14


Am so fed up -recurring fleas and bites - what makes them go forever?

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dionnelorraine Sat 04-Aug-07 08:45:53


Nothing makes them go forever. Just keep up to date with flea and worm treatment as both are connected. Frontline is prescription only. So can only get it from vets. Although you may be able to get it over the internet? Generally you have to have a written prescription though. Spray your house with fleas spray. Round ALL skirting boards even if you have laminate. All curtains, your sofa, bed etc... Its really important you do that. There are other options. You could have strong hold, which is similar to frontline but treats worms too, although not all worms. Some people find this more effective. Or you can arrange with the vet to have a program injection? Theres all different treatments out there. Maybe phone your vets for advice?

Macdog Sat 04-Aug-07 09:26:22

I use Bestpet Pharmacy for Frontline for my dog

NurseyJo Sat 04-Aug-07 09:47:52

Message withdrawn

jodie1984 Sat 04-Aug-07 16:04:00

Just a little note, stronghold works completely different to frontline. Stronghold actually goes into the animals blood and when the fleas drink the blood it paralises(?sp) them. It treats round worm and ear mites but NOT tape worm (you will need to treat for this if you pet has fleas as fleas can pass it on. the ingreiant that is in stronghold is not drontal as drontal kills tape worm aswell
Frontline doesnt go into the blood it just uses the oils on the animals skin to coat it. That is why you can't bath then 48hrs before or after treatment. as the flea/tick/lice bite the skin it will be poisoned.

Oh and program injections are only for cats and only kill eggs and lavae not adult fleas.

HTH Jodie x

herladyship Sat 04-Aug-07 16:07:35

is about 1/2 price of what i pay at the vets..


stillcryinginside Mon 06-Aug-07 23:52:23

We get ours from here:

really quick delivery too

Aero Mon 06-Aug-07 23:55:51

I use vet-medic. Postage very cheap too. Six pipettes for around £17 incl postage I think.

Aero Mon 06-Aug-07 23:58:35

Sorry - £17 for Frontline and £2ish for postage. Very speedy delivery though.

RussellThornton Wed 25-Apr-18 06:46:07

i founded a website for pepto bismol for dogs dosage you can get details from here

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Fri 27-Apr-18 13:02:46

I have heard, from more than one source, that Frontline doesn't work any more. I use Advocate for my dog (from the vet)

Savvylover211 Wed 02-May-18 14:16:00

Veterinary nurse here - Frontline really isn't the best treatment out there anymore. Which is why it is much more readily available cheaply online now than it was before. I'm all for getting the best prices you can on decent drugs but advocate is one of the best treatments for fleas out there right now.

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