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Neighbours cats driving us up the wall

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hotcrumpets Thu 02-Aug-07 16:50:43

Next doors cats are a nightmare, they constantly come in the house and sleep on DD's bed, the sofa and yesterday I found one in the new cot which is all made up for the new baby they are really long haired to their hair gets bloody everywhere.

We bought a new paddling pool for DD and within 24hrs they had scratched all hell out if it and is now covered in puncture repairs.

The last straw is I have just found one of them on DP's pride and joy jetski and he has scratched all of the foam stuff on the jetski (DP will go mad).

We have told the neighbours about it, but they are my BIL and DP's best friend so I don't think they are taking it as seriously as they would if they didn't know us. They just say 'well what can we do about it'.

The thing is they used to be indoor cats, but then BIL decided they were ruining his sofas and now they are not allowed in his house (only the kitchen). They just said 'well don't leave your windows open and they won't come in' but I can't keep my windows shut all summer because of somebody elses cats.

Is there some kind of cat repellant thing we could use to keep them out of the house/garden or any other ideas short of using the bloody hose on them?

UCM Thu 02-Aug-07 16:52:53

Catch them and put them on Ebay.

Seriously, put a net up at your back door and windows, get a water pistol, shout, throw them out, hiss. You need to make them scared to come into your house.

bev1e Thu 02-Aug-07 16:54:44

Kick them out, literally, take a run up and kick them so bloody hard up the a**e they won't be able to return.

CarGirl Thu 02-Aug-07 16:55:16

I would use a water pistol on them, if someone did that to my cat I wouldn't be upset/offended at all - they will hate it. Other than that anonymous report to the RSPCA?????

Not sure what else you can do really.

Doodledootoo Thu 02-Aug-07 16:55:35

Message withdrawn

edam Thu 02-Aug-07 17:00:35

I'd ignore that not very constructive comment from mad bev if I were you. Shame on her for advocating criminal, cruel behaviour.

CarGirl Thu 02-Aug-07 17:02:49

another thought, capture them and bath them they may never darken your door again........

bev1e Thu 02-Aug-07 17:03:12

Sorry but I stand by the advice I gave - can't stand ignorant cat owners.

edam Thu 02-Aug-07 17:05:12

Well, I hope if you are ever stupid enough to try that out, you are convicted of cruelty to animals, you horrid, horrid woman. We do have to share this world with other creatures, you know.

Mindles Thu 02-Aug-07 17:06:57

A hose might be more effective than a water pistol if they've got used to coming in.

Kicking them is a stupid idea anyway, have you never been attacked by a cat? They are effing vicious if you hurt them.

Mindles Thu 02-Aug-07 17:07:53

"can't stand ignorant cat owners."

Surely kick the owners instead of the cat then?

bev1e Thu 02-Aug-07 17:08:19

And I would gladly kick any other creature up the bum too if it trashed my house!

Hate cats at the best of times but one who turned up uninvited would defintely need it's wits about it in my house!

hotcrumpets Thu 02-Aug-07 17:09:33

We've already started with the hissing etc, will hook the hose up and start the war

winestein Thu 02-Aug-07 17:11:48

Good god. This is beyond belief.

Do you really think cats are vindictive? If you kick a cat it will go somewhere, hurt. The belief that it will attack you back is no justification for not kicking it You shouldn't kick a cat because it's a creature. Suppose you get off on cruelty to dogs too, do you bev.

Ignorant cat owners? What do you think is the answer? Do you think the owners should be forced to attend training classes with the cat? Or, do you think that perhaps you can;t train cats and they have a habit of doing their own thing, maybe.

If you want to get rid of the cats, use a citrus repellant, or turn the hose on them as that won;t hurt them HC.

bev1e Thu 02-Aug-07 17:16:53

Just giving my (obviously controversial) advice. I'm sure hotcrumpets will decide what course of action is best for her to take.

kerala Thu 02-Aug-07 17:24:04

OP has my sympathy. Do resent other peoples decision to keep pets means my house/garden gets trashed.

DH bought a machine from Robert Dyas that apparently emits sounds that repels cats but humans cant hear. It worked for us, the neighbours cats were using our porch as a litter tray so our hall stank of cat urine. Nice.

Its not cheap - really your neighbours should pay for it but in reality they prob wont I guess.

bookthief Thu 02-Aug-07 17:51:15

If you spray them with water when you catch them in your house it should put them off coming in.

I actually have some sympathy with the poor things (loaaaaads of sympathy for you too of course). It's one thing letting housecats outside but banning them from everywhere except the kitchen means they'll obviously go looking for the cosy places they were used to.

beautifulgirls Thu 02-Aug-07 19:51:46

I suggest you talk to your neighbours again to see if they truely want to keep these cats themselves. Perhaps they would be better off finding a new home where they would be loved for being the creatures they naturally want to be.

Bev1e I hope someone does the same to you.

sorkycake Thu 02-Aug-07 19:58:31

How is the cat getting into your house?
If through a window can you not shorten the space, put mint around the doorway (they hate mint). They must be attracted to something in the house to enter. Do you know what it could be?

lunavix Thu 02-Aug-07 19:59:50

Can you do anything to stop them crapping in your garden? Our front garden is the local public loos for cats, every morning i pick up around 8 poos... it's horrific. I work from home and it really doesn't smell good...

sorkycake Thu 02-Aug-07 20:02:50

Is there gravel or shale on your garden? They'll crap in that over any other surface I find. Again a couple of pots of mint should deter them, they don't like minty smells. Anything citru will cause a tom to spray because it smells similar to catwee and he'll think it's a rival tom. Same to be said for bleach.
Wet the garden regularly with water to drench the soil if they're digging there. They don't like digging in wet dirt and will find somewhere drier to rake.

winestein Thu 02-Aug-07 20:03:22

yes - you collect little sticks/twigs and spike them into the ground - all over the place. The cats can't crouch down to do their business then - it really works, and it's not illegal, mean or downright cruel.

Whizzz Thu 02-Aug-07 20:04:24

YOu can get lemon scented pellets to deter cats - a neighbour gave us some when she got cats at out previous house

faustina Fri 03-Aug-07 07:10:49

water pistol idea really works. I did it years ago when a cat several houses away from me was attacking one of my cats (it wasn't the cat's fault - the woman rescued cats and this one had been kicked by some yob who'd broken it's jaw and it was screwed up afterwards). She was the one who recommended it. I bought the biggest, most powerful water pistol and within a couple of days it came no nearer than two gardens away from me. I would also suggest to your neighbours that they either a: get a sofa with wooden frame or b: find a more loving home for their cats who deserve better. I actually wouldn't give a stuff about them being friends of mine - would say it in a as polite a way as possible and explain that they were being unkind to their cats and seriously damaging my quality of life. Please don't kick them, it's horrible.

MummyPenguin Fri 03-Aug-07 22:58:15

Well, I don't advocate kicking animals, but bev1e's first post really made me laugh.

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