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Cat sitting

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Yvette0121 Thu 18-Jul-19 14:51:11

Hi all. Me and my partner have just started doing Cat sitting. We just wanted a few opinions from people. Specially if your in birmingham.

This is our bio -

Hello and Welcome! Our names are Darren & Yvette. We are a couple who love our animals.... and we would love the opportunity to love yours too! We are new to Cat in a flat but definitely not new to being around and looking after animals. Our speciality is cats but we are great with all animals big and small. We currently have two fur children who we adore! You will get two of us for the price of one.... thats 2 x more cuddles and 2 x the fuss!!!! We both enjoy playing and fussing our cats and are complete animal lovers! We always carry a cat lazor pen with us as cats love chasing the little red dot! We both work for the NHS as caring professionals so we clearly care for people so we also want to care for animals too! We both have had numerous pets over the years with all different personality traits over the years, from cats to dogs to hamsters . Cat sitting services 30 minutes to 1 hour visit Service includes: Playing with your kitty. Feeding and putting down fresh water. Changing litter tray if necessary. Giving them some time outside if they go out. Giving your kitty some fuss and cuddles if that's what they like. Extras: Opening and closing curtains or blinds. Taking the bins out. Bringing in the post. Making sure your home is the way you left it. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and we look forward to working with you and your fur babies!!!

Would you take up such a service?

idril Thu 18-Jul-19 18:32:02

Whilst I agree that the first draft is a bit wordy, as a user of cat sitters, I like to see some enthusiasm and love for cats come through. I think some cat sitters are mainly dog walkers and they fit cat sitting in with that and I want my cat to get lots of attention and fuss. So mentioning that you love cats in particular would be a positive for me.

Nothing wrong with calling your cats fur babies either! Not something I do but I get what you mean.

Things that I also look out for are daily updates with a photo. I worry about my cat whilst I'm away and I hate not knowing whether the cat been and how my cat is so even if it's just a "all fine" type message, it makes a big difference to me.

saraclara Thu 18-Jul-19 19:03:11

That's much better.

Also it's a bad idea to use 'furbabies' @idril because I know many pet lovers who hate the term! So they're going to be consciously or unconsciously put off by its use in an ad or profile.

Pinkflower23 Thu 18-Jul-19 20:44:01

How much would your daily rate be? How can I contact you ?

Yvette0121 Thu 18-Jul-19 21:30:41

Type the below link in to your browser and make a direct request to me with your requirements ... I will then respond.

It goes though tailster as they provide the insurance and vetting.

Hope to hear from you

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