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My cats are hunting nightmares !!!!

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nead888 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:21:37

My two cats ( male and female both spayed ) are bringing in on average 3 things A DAY- rats , mice , lizards , birds and half a garden snake !!!! Their favourite at the moment being live rats , and huge ones !! The girl , is the worst for it at the moment , just casually dumping it on my lounge floor with it to run under the sofa . 4 am this morning she brings on into my bedroom !!! We do live near a field and there's a stream running through the garden also have chickens so it's no mystery where they gets them from but how do I stop this ?? I have a cat flap but think it's unfair to lock them up in the winter or bad weather . It's driving is mad !!

bonzo77 Sat 06-Jul-19 08:32:16

My cat used to hunt (city cat, lived near a a kebab shop and an Indian takeaway). We started locking her in at night to keep her safe from foxes and the hunting has almost stopped. One or two things a year.

1forAll74 Tue 09-Jul-19 18:18:34

I have three cats,an older Mother cat,and her two boys,who are about 8 years old now. I live in a village,and it's kind of good hunting ground for cats here. It's only one of the cats who seems to like hunting,and he frequently brings mice into my kitchen,but not so many this year,

But last summer,he was bringing mice,voles a couple of rats,and a baby squirrel once. He was bringing in mice several times a day,,and so many,that I started to count them, so in a two week period,he had brought in 42 mice. Only a few times were the mice dead,or a bit chewed up, usually he brought them in.dropped them on the floor,pawed them about a bit,,then just sat watching them..then lost interest,which meant the mice were scuttling about,and me having to catch them and put them in the garden again, hoping that they would survive and disappear.!

Pintsizedblondie197 Thu 15-Aug-19 09:17:13

We've had all sorts since moving near to a field and lake: voles, mice, a frog, many many birds. Worst one so far was a bunny with half its face missing confused

SinkGirl Thu 15-Aug-19 09:19:57

Have you tried a collar with a bell?

Worked for us but also alerted a local giant bastard cat to my kittens being around - it almost blinded one of them, and cut the other kitten’s stomach open and she needed surgery.

I couldn’t handle rats - no way. They’d either be shut in at night or shut out with some kind of outdoor shelter.

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