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Does anyone have a tortoise?

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Claw01 Tue 25-Jun-19 20:03:03

Someone has asked if I will look after their tortoise for a few months.

I don’t know how to look after one, so I’ve been googling, still confused!

Current owner, doesn’t do most of the things I’ve read. So I can’t ask.

It’s an outside tortoise, are you supposed to bring them in at a night or is an outside bed (in enclosure) ok?

When do you bring tortoise in, which month, temperature?

Do you need an inside tortoise house too, if they are not hibernating and it’s cold outside?

What do you use as bedding? (Friend says hay, internet says don’t use it!)

Do they need supplements?

My friend says it only eats lettuce and tomato? Internet says it should have more variety?

ThespianTendencies Wed 26-Jun-19 20:04:43

A lot of it depends on how old the tortoise is. Do you know its age? How long are you looking after it for?

ThespianTendencies Wed 26-Jun-19 20:08:15

Sorry pressed send before I had thoroughly read your post. Yes they need a calcium supplement - it's a powder you sprinkle on their food. Mine eats a lot of lettuce but I also give him strawberries (he loves those) red pepper and other green lettuce type leaves, Don't give them spinach as it is too rich in Iron. They also love dandelion heads. The flowers form them are a particular favourite of my tortie. YOU can also get these little colourful balls for them to eat - I cant remember what they are called or what they supplement but Ralph doesn't like them anyway but yours might. I agree that a lot of the info online is a bit vague! I have not let mine outside yet unless I am in the garden with him as he is only 2.5 yrs and you are not meant to let them hibernate until they are 4 or 5 apparently! I only popped on here to find out some information about next stage for Ralphie. Turns out I know more than I thought!

Claw01 Thu 27-Jun-19 07:13:56

Thanks for your reply!

He is an old boy, at least 30+. My friend recently inherited him. I’m not sure how long I’m looking after him for, I’ve been asked for a ‘couple of months’ (get the feeling this could possibly stretch to forever!)

My friend makes caring for a tortoise sound very simple! He lives outside until he hibernates (then put him in a box, with some hay) feed him lettuce and toms!

The internet makes it sound more complicated!

My friends admits he is a little neglected, as she doesn’t have time for him. So if I do look after him, I’d like to make sure I can do it properly!

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